What cosmetics to take with you on the plane

Flight is a big stress for your skin. We tell what means will help to cope with the effects of dry air on board the aircraft. The main thing - do not forget to put these "magic wands" in hand luggage.

Patches ANR Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask, Estee Lauder

Tired eyes first give out the lack of sleep and the presence of a long flight. So take care of the delicate skin around the eyes and take patches with you. Fifteen minutes in them before landing - and at passport control will already shine. These patches from Estee Lauder deeply moisturize the skin, remove swelling and dark circles and visually smooth facial wrinkles. Perfect companions!

Concentrated restoring eye mask in patches ANR Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask, Estee Lauder

Concentrated Regenerating Eye Mask in ANR Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask Patch, Estee Lauder (5 550 rub.)

Eye drops Dry Eye Relief, Similasan

Take care not only about the skin around the eyes, but also about the eyes themselves. You probably know the feeling of dryness during the flight, and then - redness. You can avoid this elementary - dropping a couple of these drops. They are homeopathic, but you should not doubt the action.Drops instantly remove redness and dryness, do not cause strong lachrymation and soothe the eyes.

Dry Eye Relief, Similasan

Dry Eye Relief, Similasan (567 rub.)

Moisturizing tissue mask with honey extract, Yadan

Remembering the rules for transporting liquids (here and get creams), choose for the face fabric masks. It’s better not to find a variant for use in an airplane: after use it doesn’t need to be washed off - in general, 10 points out of 10 are easy to use. This Korean mask with honey extract will save you from feeling of tightness and dryness during the flight. Does not leave behind a film sensation. The skin after using the mask is soft and smooth.

Moisturizing tissue mask with honey extract, Yadan

Moisturizing tissue mask with honey extract, Yadan (90 rub.)

Almond Hand Cream, L’Occitane

Dry side air is usually immediately felt on the hands. Therefore, in the bag is better not to forget to put the hand cream in a mini-format. This remedy from L’Occitane has a fantastic smell and great effect. Hands will be soft and gentle, as if they do not know what a traveler stress is.

Almond Hand Cream, L’Occitane

Almond hand cream, L’Occitane (680 rub.)

Lip balm Plump & Glow, Biotherm

Besides the fact that this balm moisturizes quite well (suitable if, in general, you have no problems with dry lips), it gives an attractive shine - in case a nice stranger will sit in the next chair.

Lip balm Plump & Glow, Biotherm

Lip Balm Plump & Glow, Biotherm (1 340 rub.)

Shea Butter, L’Occitane

Absolutely versatile and indispensable for carriage oil from L’Occitane. Suitable for almost anything: dry skin on the face, cuticle, elbows. Some use this oil to moisturize the lips, but here it is worth noting that the texture of the product is solid and it is not easy to apply it on delicate skin. Compactness is another undisputed plus of this beauty product.

Shea Butter, L’Occitane

Shea Butter, L’Occitane (680 rub.)

Refreshing and cleansing wipes, Shiseido

Excellent alternative to washing. Wipes cleanse the skin of impurities (including makeup) and sebum, which clog pores. Convenient format and the ability to take these napkins with you on a plane make them a must-have for any traveler.

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