What does DjVu read?

Nikolay Golovatyuk
Nikolay Golovatyuk
December 4, 2012
What does DjVu read?

The storage of scanned documents provides for the DjVu format, called “deja-vu” by users. Its differences from other similar formats are in the efficiency of the work being done, in preserving the readability of documents and in the relatively small size of files of this format. If you are interested in viewing e-books in this format, you will surely be disturbed by the question of what DjVu is reading, which program can open this format.

  • You can use DjVu Browser plugin 6.1 - a plugin that is allowed for free distribution.
  • STDU Viewer ver 1.2 is able not only to open the format you are interested in, but also to perform Acrobat reader functions.
  • WinDjView-0.4.3 is a small program for viewing djvu formats.

This minimum of information about the format of DjVu, what to read it and how to open it.

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