What does a dream mean in which you see an empty carriage, a dream book

The dream in which you saw the stroller predicts an ambitious period in a person’s life when emotions, rather than reason, will rule them. Passions will also be present in a relationship with a partner. However, the details of sleep also say a lot, so for the interpretation you need to remember everything that you see.

Old dream book

Ride in a carriage on horseback in a dream - soar in the clouds, live dreams and illusions. To move in a baby carriage - later to become an object for the blooming of evil gossip. If you dream that you are in a wheelchair, your health will soon be all right.

English dream book

When you dream that you hold the horse drawn carts with horses, it warns of impending poverty. To rule his own crew - to great luck in business. Significant losses, losses, and loss of confidence are evidenced by a dream where you are going somewhere while in a wheelchair.

Dream dream wanderer

According to this dream book, the wheelchair means the process of emotional purification of the personality. It can be seen, if in the soul there are secret experiences that can negatively affect the human psyche. A stroller in a dream also indicates a break in love relationships.

Dream dream miss jase

Specially equipped wheelchair for sick people is dreaming of early age and illnesses that begin with its arrival. A baby carriage - to a happy marriage and a quick marriage. She can also dream if you are facing a simple and naive person.

Dream and Dmitri and Hope of Winter

Why dream of a stroller? Serviceable and beautiful means of transportation indicates success in the conceived case, however, for this you will need to make all their efforts. Problems associated with the breakdown of the crew, should serve as a motivation for the implementation of work plans and affairs.

The dream of health

A broken wheelchair does not promise anything good in a dream. You should urgently take care of your health, otherwise it may deteriorate sharply. Many girls worry, what is the dream of a baby carriage empty? The explanation for this will be a series of small failures and unnecessary trouble in life.

Dream interpretation I. Morozova

An elegant carriage with horses that quickly carry it along the street means for a man a strong passion for a woman of unworthy behavior. If a woman likes this, it speaks of affection for an unfamiliar person in the love plan.

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