What does a shot mean in a dream?

The chilling sound of a bullet flying out of the muzzle of a pistol is probably one of the most terrible sounds for a person. Dreams, sounding in dreams, give a different interpretation: both positive and negative.

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Dream Interpretation: What does this dream foreshadow?

Dream Interpretation from "A" to "Z"

If, after the shot, the bullet flew over the head of a sleeping person, then this means that fate itself is favorable to him and gives him a second chance. Dreamers expect new things, the implementation of the plan. A dreamed shot in the stomach warns a person about the need to pay special attention to important issues. Soon he will receive important information that will help to reach heights. Got a shot in a dream right in the heart? This is a warning from the subconscious that the dreamer needs to limit his emotions, not to let them take possession of the mind. Hear shots in a dream - to the news, the accuracy of which is in question. True or not, it will be possible to find out later.

Dreaming Veles

If the result of the shot was a mortal wound and the sleeper realizes that he is dying, then a quarrel with his friends and insults from intimate surroundings await him. To run away in a dream from shooting people or to hide from shots - to catch them at work, in business. Business partners or colleagues are preparing a serious conspiracy against the dreamer. Attempts to hide from the shooting sniper, as well as from the shots themselves, warns about the unwillingness of the sleeper to be responsible for their actions. The behavior of the dreamer provokes a quarrel with relatives.

East Dream

Independent shooting in a dream in the sky - to the waste of own forces. Problems should be solved without the involvement of emotions and feelings, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. Shot in a dream at close range - to gain new and strong love. Already during his acquaintance, a person will feel an irresistible craving for his half. If the shot was fired from a pistol, then the dreamer should temper his anger and learn to let go of resentment, forgive people.

Family Dream

Shoot your own sister in a dream - to dramatic cardinal changes in life. Most likely, the sleeper is expected to change jobs or move to another city, country.What is the dream shot in his own father? The dream predicts the accomplishment of an unseemly act, which would entail a rupture of communication with friends and relatives. Dreamer expects loneliness. To avoid this, he needs to carefully analyze and think through his actions.

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