What does a flower mean?

From time immemorial, people believed that each flower has its own meaning. Over the years, the meaning has changed, and different interpretations have been given in different eras. Florists say: "The language of flowers." Knowing what a particular flower means, you will be able to give a bouquet to your beloved with a subtle hint of its quality. In the article we will look at what flowers mean. So:

What do lily flowers mean? This flower in ancient Rome symbolized luxury and wealth, success. They were depicted on coins, not a single noble house could do without a lily. France, on the other hand, gave a new meaning to the flower - purity, majesty, nobility. Lily flower, so demanding to care, and today will delight you with its tenderness and delicate aroma.

What do rose flowers mean? The value of a rose depends on the color of the bud.

  • White roses are considered symbols of innocence and purity. Usually they are given to young persons, in order to emphasize their youth and integrity.
  • Red roses on the contrary, express passion and ardor of love. Red roses are the most popular flower. Today they are given not only to the beloved, but to the business partner, in order to express respect and appreciation.
  • Pink roses give a romantic meaning. It is a symbol of grace and tenderness.They should give young girls, hinting at their sympathy.

What does the lotus flower mean? In many cultures, magical quality is attributed to this flower. The value of a lotus flower, like a rose, depends on the color of the petals:

  • The white lotus is a symbol of sleep, as it blooms only at night. Spiritual perfection is another meaning of the white lotus.
  • The blue lotus is a symbol of awakening. These flowers were laid on the chest of the deceased, so that they would wake up in another world.
  • Pink lotus is associated with the highest deity. This flower is a symbol of Buddha.

What does an orchid flower mean? These flowers symbolize luxury, splendor, refinement. They are given only to the most beloved people. In China, the orchid is a symbol of fertility and a talisman against impotence. They are often depicted in Chinese vases as a sign of consent. The orchid is a very refined flower, with a distinctive strong aroma of a mixture of tropical fruits and oriental spices.

What do calla flowers mean? Callas in the language of flowers mean admiration, respect and admiration. In addition, the callas are the mascot of marital happiness. Very often in the bouquet of the bride is present this modest, with the smell of vanilla flower.In addition, our ancestors believed that the calla flower at home would save spouses from quarrels and quarrels.

What does a tulip flower mean? A tulip flower can have a wide variety of colors. In general, the tulip symbolizes pure love, a declaration of love. The same value refers to the red tulip bud. But the yellow tulip means happiness, if you believe the ancient European legend. Tulip colorful coloring symbolizes beautiful eyes. Tulips are not sold all year, so giving a tulip in the spring is an excellent reason to express your feelings to your beloved.

What do iris flowers mean? In some nations, the iris symbolizes good news. However, in most countries, iris flowers endow the meaning of fearlessness, wisdom, and valor. In Japan, these flowers are also given to men in order to arouse courage and courage in them. After all, iris flowers are very similar to swords. In Japanese calligraphy, the same hieroglyph stands for iris and martial spirit.

What does poppy flower mean? Poppy flower is attributed to reverie, imagination, oblivion. In ancient Greece, the poppy was a symbol of the god of sleep. In addition, the poppy symbolizes the desire for pleasure.The Slavs have many rites associated with the poppy flower. For them, poppy meant dawn, dawn. Our ancestors believed that poppy seeds could protect against evil spirits. Poppy flowers are rarely presented as a gift. Therefore, a bright bouquet of poppy flowers will be an original gift for a woman.

What does chamomile flower mean? According to one of the legends, daisy will grow where the star falls to the ground. The name of the flower is Slavic, but daisies are known in many countries. Chamomile is the progenitor of chrysanthemum. In Belarus, daisy is a national flower. In the language of flowers, daisy means youth, romance, innocence. Many girls love to receive this simple and pleasant flower.

What do gerbera flowers mean? Gerberas are called the flower of paradoxes - it combines mystery and openness. The value of the flower is also covered with a riddle. Some believe that gerberas mean mystery, reticence. Others think that gerberas symbolize optimism, smile, flirt. These flowers are a universal gift. They can give as a beloved woman, and the boss at work. By choosing gerberas as a gift, you will express your sympathy to a person.

What does chrysanthemum flower mean? Homeland chrysanthemums - Japan. In the land of the rising sun a lot is associated with this beautiful flower. Chrysanthemums symbolize wisdom, longevity and health. In Japanese ikebana art, chrysanthemum is a symbol of friendship and affection. A bouquet of chrysanthemums will be a great gift if you want to emphasize the importance of a person for you.

What does anthurium flower mean? Atrium - an exotic flower. It is a symbol of the flamingo. Also, this flower symbolizes the male principle. The atrium is endowed with great energy in the tropical countries where it comes from. Some people call it a cupid flower, making it a symbol of love, because it really resembles a heart pierced with an arrow. If you are not afraid to experiment in choosing a bouquet, then an atrium would be an excellent choice.

What does sakura flower mean? Another flower from a distant land of the rising sun - Japan. As for the flowering of sakura, holidays are celebrated, this flower is sung by Japanese poets. Sakura symbolizes hope, the birth of life. The life cycle of Sakura is brief, therefore the second meaning of the flower is the transience of life.

Many nations depicted flowers on their coat of arms.A variety of flowers can be found on the arms of cities, clans, shields of medieval knights. What do the flowers on the coat of arms mean? The value on the coat of arms is directly related to the symbolism of the flower. For example, a chrysanthemum of 16 petals on the emblem of Japan symbolizes the rising sun.

In addition, the flowers on the coat of arms symbolize respect and tribute to flowers that are important to the people. On the coat of arms of Belarus we can see clover, wheat and flax.

Previously, each genus had its own coat of arms. For example, on the coat of arms of Joan of Arc parents, we can see irises, which symbolized courage and valor. Tulips were the coat of arms for the Ottoman Turkish dynasty.

Flowers are depicted on tattoos. What does flower tattoo mean? The question is quite complicated. In the old days, skin pattern played an important role. On it it was possible to determine the class of man, type of activity, merit. A tattoo with a picture of a flower also had its meaning. So, for example, the lily on the shoulder of a girl was a symbol of purity. The image of a lilac meant that the person is obliged to remain faithful to his first love. Today, the meaning of flowers tattooed on the body goes away.Now a flower tattoo is made, largely because of its beauty. Many girls want to emphasize their femininity with colors. In addition, the flower tattoo is good for its diversity, the complexity of the pattern and color gamut. Flower design can be combined with other images, for example, with the sign of the zodiac.

A person is always interested in the symbolism of things that surround him. There are a lot of flowers in our life. Therefore, it is curious to know what the flower means.

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