What does the discrepancy between biological sex and social

The biological sex of a person is given at the time of fertilization of the egg, it depends on the chromosome of the sperm. This or that chromosome set predetermines the course of development of the human body according to the female or male type. Most often, biological sex is unambiguous, in rare cases there are bisexual people.
The sexual self-consciousness of a person is formed under the influence of the surrounding social environment, in the process of education. Since childhood, the child learns various stereotypes and standards of behavior adopted in society for people of his gender. At one age, a person masters some social roles and their inherent rules, and in another - others.
This process of mastering social roles can be called gender socialization, gender is understood as social gender. The formation of gender is influenced by various social institutions.Simply put, society artificially creates differences between boys and girls.
The inconsistency problem arises for many reasons. Sometimes social requirements for a particular social role are extremely strict, they are a particular person and contradict his nature. Modern society encourages strong, competitive, penetrative people. From a man, this behavior is required to a greater extent, but in many areas of life such behavior is expected from women.
Not all people easily and naturally fulfill the responsibilities assigned to them by gender. Not every woman wants to be a caring mistress and mother, not every man has the strength of mind and responsibility. Sometimes there are situations when a person is more attracted to one or another social role of the opposite sex.
Discrepancies in the behavior of the child with his biological sex by most parents are suppressed. To do this, use the characteristic instructions like: "You're a boy, you should not be afraid," "Put on a dress, you're a girl." Toys from birth are bought according to the gender of the child, but some children are not interested.
Conflict of biological and social sex sometimes reaches critical strength in some people, then they decide to change the biological sex through the operation. In other cases, a person is forced to conflict with society, refusing to fulfill the obligations of a particular social role. Despite the growth of humanistic attitudes in society, many people continue to condemn such “rebels”.

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