What does the name Vladislav mean?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 16, 2011
What does the name Vladislav mean?

What does the name Vladislav mean? This name originated from the Slavic language and means "possessing glory"

Since childhood, Vladislav loves games with fire, matches and the like. With all this, he is afraid of fire, accidentally flared paper can cause a storm of emotions and fear. Little Vladislav is very attached to his mother, he loves to talk to her about everything. He is gentle and kind, if mom is upset about something, he will begin to console her with all the methods he knows. Since childhood, he respectfully and decently treats girls and women. At school, most often in love with the most beautiful girl.

In adulthood, Vladislavy often choose creative professions. The innate sense of beauty allows them to succeed in music, painting, poetry. Also, thanks to his kindness and responsiveness, Vladislavy often become good doctors and educators. They cannot stand injustice, but they can not always defend their point of view because of the softness of their character. Vladislav likes tender, weak, feminine girls.Rude and masculine women cause disgust and indignation. Demanding in the choice of the second half, but his beloved surround with care and attention, will not give offense.

He has few friends. If he is friends, he does not let him close to him. A homebody, loves family comfort, rarely drinks, does not like noisy companies and cheerful feasts.

The man named Vladislav usually gives birth to girls whom he is ready to idolize. Most often loves once. Vladislav is a very faithful man.

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