Why dream of a dead child?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
March 7, 2015
Why dream of a dead child?

A dream in which a dead child appears is a nightmare even for those who have no children of their own or have seen an unfamiliar baby. Naturally, in most dream books, such a sign is interpreted as a warning about various bad events and changes. Most often they relate to health. In order to more accurately interpret such a dream, it is necessary to consider its other details. In this article we will tell you what a dead child dreams about.

Dead child: interpretation of sleep

  • Often a dead child in a dream personifies your ideas and plans in real life. In such cases, death means the death of your projects and the collapse of intentions. This is how many well-known dream books interpret dreams in cases when a person dreams of someone else’s child, whom he does not know, or his child, whom he does not have in real life.
  • If a dead child in a dream calls you somewhere else, it should also be considered a bad sign. In cases where you went after him, in real life you are threatened by a serious misfortune or illness.
  • Also beware of a dream in which a dead child offers to eat. Especially if you agree to his proposal and start to eat with him. Such a dream also indicates the presence of a dangerous disease in the dreamer, about which he may not even suspect. Therefore, after such a dream, it is recommended to visit a doctor as soon as possible.
  • In addition, if you dreamed of dead your own child or a child of loved ones or acquaintances, this means a threat to the child himself. If he is in real life as a child, expect serious illnesses, injuries or other major troubles for him. When the dreamed child is actually already an adult, large failures and a long run of bad luck should be expected. In such cases, the dream dreamer does not foreshadow bad events.

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