What dreams of a graveyard and graves

To dream of a graveyard is not always a bad sign. How else would such a dream be interpreted by the world's leading dreammen — you will find out in this article. What is the graveyard dream about?

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What dream cemetery
What dream cemetery

Female dream book

A walk in the churchyard or along the churchyard marks a long struggle against poverty, perhaps a long stay away from home and close people.

If during adventures spring weather - expect pleasant leisure in the company of friends.

Neat and beautiful in a dream - a harbinger of recovery of a person with whom you have already mentally said goodbye.

If a mother brings fresh flowers in a dream to the grave of her children, then all her relatives will live for a very long time.

Big Dream

Sitting on a bench near the graves is a good sign, soon you will be assigned an important task, it will give you pleasure.

If a graveyard walk occurs in winter, you will be sad about leaving your spouse or friend. The sunny weather indicates, on the contrary, pleasant troubles during gathering on the road and the imminent return of loved ones home.

A beautiful and well-appointed resting place for the dead is a dream of the ingratitude of the children.In old age, you probably should not count on their help.

Unhappy love and disappointment - something that dreams about high gravestone monuments.

If a girl walks through a churchyard in a dream, she will soon be married. But this step will not make her happy and she will bitterly regret her deed.

If in this dream you see joyful children, then in reality you are expected to change for the better.

Dug graves - the harbinger of a serious illness or trial, to look into an empty grave means a quick loss of a loved one.

If the widow sees her husband in the grave and talks to him at the same time, then everything will work out in her personal life.

If a girl participates in a marriage ceremony before the wedding, her future husband may die from an accident.

To see in a dream a cemetery that is abandoned, marks in vain unrest, all things will turn out well.

Seeing your name on one of the gravestones is a bad sign. Nayavu you can get sick or lose a loved one.

Dream interpretation by Miller

The young widow on this dream-cemetery dreams of as a foreshadowing of a quick marriage.

An abandoned churchyard predicts longevity, but you will outlive all your loved ones, you will be forced to be in the care of outsiders. Older people see such a dream as a sign of an early departure to another world.

If lovers in a dream walk among the graves, in the future they will not be able to be together.

Digging a grave indicates machinations against you. If you finish digging, the confrontation with the enemies will end with your victory.

Dreamed of a fresh grave - you will worry about the bad deed of a loved one.

Islamic interpretation of sleep

An Islamic dream book indicates that the graves are signs of devotion to Allah, a symbol of the afterlife. Sometimes this dream is interpreted as a precursor of imprisonment and illness.

A walk in places of human burials in a dream - a prediction of sadness and loss.

Seeing yourself in a coffin is a sign of great accomplishments; many will take your example for a long time.

English dream book

Cemeteries in a dream are a symbol of loss and bitter memories.

A well-groomed churchyard expresses your willingness to go ahead after all the troubles and trials; fragments of monuments and crosses, ruined graves symbolize all the moral qualities that you tried to hide in yourself.

Dream Vanga

Seeing your grave is a sign of unusual twists of fate. At first it will shock you, but everything will turn out well; walking among several graves means trouble that will undermine your faith in yourself;

You do not know what to strive for and are confused - this is what a graveyard and graves dream about, especially abandoned graveyards.

Freund's Dream

Walking a man among graves in a dream is a symbol of his promiscuous sex.

If a woman comes in her dream, it means her sexual dissatisfaction, desire for same-sex relationships.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

If you dig a grave, you may lose a close friend because of your fault; you see yourself in a coffin - you will soon be able to quickly take possession of wealth.

An empty grave is a sign of good news from afar.

Carefully cleaned the dream to the news from the person whom you thought dead.

Dream interpretation of Nostradamus

The dream-predictor says that the abandoned is a sign of grief and hardship; if you could read the name on the tombstone, you will soon find true friends.

A well-kept churchyard is a symbol of a long and joyful life; if you walk in the company of many people - it is a bad dream. Soon catastrophes and wars may begin.


If you have a graveyard dream, spiritually poor people surround you.

Magic dream book

Being and feeling calm is a dream that predicts a long life.

Overgrown with old graveyard can mean the loss of loved ones. This will most likely happen under a tragic set of circumstances.

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