What dreams of an escalator in a dream

The escalator in a dream symbolizes the relationship of the sleeper with others. If he sees himself above and slowly goes down, his self-esteem is too high. Climb up the escalator - get a profitable offer, success.

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escalator in a dream
Escalator in a dream, dream book

The dream of psychologist Z. Freud

A vision with an escalator reflects the sleeper’s sex life. If he goes downstairs, then his relationship in bed is not as perfect as he thinks, and the partner has long been unsatisfied. Seeing another person riding an escalator is considered too passive and devoid of fantasies about sex. Climbing along the escalator - to meet a person who will give you real pleasure in love joys.

Dream dream wanderer

rise is success;

move down - trouble, failure, fall.

Dream interpretation A. Vasiliev

If you are going down an escalator in a dream, then you are considered an arrogant, narcissist. Rise for women - to experience great pleasure, happiness in love affairs.

Dream Dream Thelomena

Rising in a dream on an escalator is a symbol of the fact that you are rapidly moving up the career ladder. Your efforts will be appreciated, they will lead to an increase in the material situation, respect for others, colleagues.

Go down - you soon imagined yourself a successful, realized person. Your attitude towards yourself and others will bring only disappointment. Sleep warns that at the present time it is impossible to let everything go to chance and go with the flow yourself. You can be at the bottom and lose everything you have achieved.

East Dream

In the dream book, the escalator is a symbol of success. If you climb on it, then you will succeed. If the sleeper dreams that he is walking along the lift, it means that he is marking time in one place, and his efforts will be in vain. See yourself at the bottom of a broken escalator - facing a difficult choice.

Dream interpretation denise lynn

To be on a broken escalator in the middle of the path - to meet obstacles in the implementation of the conceived plans. See the escalator from the outside - you can not worry about the successful outcome of the project or new business. You have already done everything to make your enterprise work without your participation.

Going down on the escalator - do not expect to increase, the bosses will refuse to promote you. Seeing a broken escalator from the side is a good sign. He foretells that no intrigues of enemies will touch you and will not interfere with your goals. Many people on the escalator - expect help, participation, support. Empty escalator - loneliness and vain efforts.

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