What dreams of rotten fish: the interpretation of sleep

To dream of a fish - to change, how exactly - depends on the water and who exactly sees such a dream. And why does a rotten fish dream, depending on the general atmosphere of sleep.

By itself, a fish in a dream is an auspicious sign. She dreams of change, if she swims in clear water - towards a happy relationship in the future, and fishing for a married woman - towards pregnancy. But if you dream of a fish in a rotten form, it means that a higher power wants to warn you about something.

Dream Dream Thelomena

He interprets the image of rotten fish as a warning about the rumors behind your back, that the enemies are going to prevent your business with these rumors and seriously harm them. Although these rumors may be completely absurd, you should be careful, they can leave a mark on your reputation.

Ancient gypsy dream book

Att the interpreter says that a fish in a dream symbolizes possibilities. And while a lively big fish predicts a good outcome, dead or rotten - misguided hopes, an unexpected unpleasant outcome in a difficult business.

This is interesting: often through dreams, our brain tries to send a signal that somewhere in the body a certain failure has occurred and it needs help. So, if you often dream about stale fish, or eat dishes with it, it can be a signal of problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Old Russian dream book

Seeing a rotten fish that is already decomposing is a good sign that it promises unexpected wealth or inheritance.

What dreams of rotten fish a woman

Since our ancestors associated the fish symbol with fertility, the appearance of this image in a woman’s dream speaks of pregnancy, in some cases, soon marriage. If you see dead or rotten fish, this can warn of a possible illness, problems with the female organs or even miscarriage during pregnancy.

Seeing a stale, unpleasantly smelling fish young girl - to the unpleasant rumors behind her back and a serious blow to her reputation.

Such a dream can also warn that you need to be more attentive with your secrets and keep your mouth shut.

A decaying big fish in the dream of a married woman can talk about her husband's betrayal, which will soon become known to society.

In general, the image of a dead fish is a kind of warning about danger, illness, intrigues of enemies or rivals in some important matter for you.

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