What homeopathic medicines can reduce appetite?

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Often the cause of excess weight is the inability to control your appetite. Girls can not refuse sweets, fast foods, the refrigerator just beckons at any time of the day. As if in the heat of passion, large portions of pasta with meatballs and a lot of cakes and pastries are absorbed. To avoid overeating and somehow tame your appetite, you should pay attention to homeopathic remedies. Such drugs contribute not only to reduce appetite, but also accelerate metabolic processes, the regulation of digestion.
To save yourself from debilitating diets, you should start drinking drugs based on spirulina, flaxseed and plantain seeds. These ingredients not only reduce appetite, but also gently envelop the stomach walls.The latter property helps to reduce the production of gastric juice, and the feeling of hunger does not come soon. In the pharmacy you can buy both flax seeds and jelly based on them.
Spirulina is produced in the form of powder, there are also special capsules. An example is the homeopathic remedy “Golden Ball”, which contains not only algae. For example, Chinese lemongrass in capsules reduces appetite, speeds up metabolic processes, promotes the acceleration of immunity. Pectin, on contact with water, swells up many times and fills the stomach. Receiving capsules "Golden Ball" helps to follow a diet and at the same time stay in a great mood.
Green tea extract will also help reduce appetite. It consists of magic catechins that help regulate appetite and speed up the use of energy. With this combination, less food enters the body due to decreased appetite, and the breakdown of fat increases. The source of catechins can serve as oolong tea. It is enough to drink a cup of one of the drinks every day so that one would like to eat less, and the kilos left forever.
Excellent speeds up the metabolism and reduces the feeling of hunger dandelion. It can be used as a seasoning, brewed in the form of tea, added to various dishes. At the same time, the activity of the internal glands is normalized and weight loss occurs. Preparations based on dandelion can always be found in pharmacies. Feeding with dill herb, buckthorn and cumin will ease the diet, help reduce the amount of food consumed. Thus, it is possible to reduce appetite with safe homeopathic remedies. Of course, it is necessary to combine their reception with physical activity and proper nutrition, then the result will not take long.

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