What if your boyfriend is metrosexual?

For some reason, when the notion of “metrosexual” was mentioned aloud, ambiguous reaction erupted from others, someone tries to giggle, someone puzzles looking to the side, and someone cannot understand such a strange consonance of letters at all.

In spite of this, the number of so-called metrosexuals is inexorably increasing every year, in Europe and the USA this phenomenon has become completely widespread and, therefore, it will soon be firmly settled in our area.

They are narcissistic

Who are metrosexuals? Despite the well-established public opinion, men who identify themselves with this concept are not homosexuals, they, like others, are interested in and love women, just outwardly and by their own behavior are somewhat different from the usual "man" look.

By "other" and "normal" men, we mean those who are indifferent to their own appearance, have one shampoo and toilet water, and to the questions of their girlfriend, "Which dress is better? Is this or this? ”, Responding,“ I don’t know, you’ll wear it. ”

In fact, the concept of "metrosexual", although it appeared only in the early 90s with the light hand of the famous American journalist Mark Simpson, is relatively new. Already in the XIX century there were such men, only then they could be called "dandy" or "dandy".

Often use cosmetics

The American journalist gave such a name to men who lived in large metropolises, led an active lifestyle and understood fashion and various innovations in the beauty sector. Since then, the concept has taken root and is developing stubbornly, men who pay a lot of attention to their own appearance are becoming more and more fashionable and in beauty they understand as well as beautiful ladies, and perhaps even better.

In fact, a metrosexual is a stylish, elegant, well-groomed man who wears the latest fashion trends, enjoys expensive and quality cosmetics, enjoys visiting SPA centers and very carefully monitors his own appearance.

Glossy magazines, manicures and pedicures, creams from age-related changes, endless walking around boutiques, a lot of attention to one's own body, which means that going to gyms and beauty salons is not, we are not talking about a fair sex spokesperson, but a metrosexual.And why did someone decide that all this is exclusively a female prerogative?

How to recognize metrosexual?

Despite the fact that the concept is growing and developing as much as possible, it is still on the street, you rarely see such a person, so he almost always stands out from the crowd with his elegant and incredibly stylish appearance. How to find out that your guy is metrosexual?

Everything is very simple: go into your bathroom and see how many jars and bottles there are on his shelves. If there is nowhere for the apple to fall, but this is not due to the fact that you scored everything with your own cosmetics, it means that there is a real metrosexual next to you.

They take care of themselves

This, of course, is an example of a joke, but there is some truth in it: these guys are really used to taking care of themselves, and for this they need man's cosmetics, whose sales, by the way, soar at the speed of light.

An interesting feature of these men is the fact that, along with such, like, "female" habits, they do not lose real man's habits.

For example, they can easily go fishing with friends, skip a glass of beer in the nearest pub, they are interested not only in beauty and fashion, but also in politics and economics, they are surprisingly interesting interlocutors, because they know a lot, read a lot and are interested in many.

The main part of the representatives of this movement are men who work in the field of show business, fashion and beauty, the other part lives in the sphere of big business and the media. In total, there are 5 main types of metrosexual men.

  • Businessman, politician. Perhaps the most pleasant and attractive type among metrosexuals. He always takes care of his appearance, pays a lot of attention to manicure, his shoes are always polished, his beard is perfectly shaved, and his hair is folded into a hair. But he does this not from the infinite love of himself, but solely from the interests of the business. He treats his image as a part of public and business life, and not as a process of narcissism. Women with such instances are easy and pleasant, because they always look stylish and well-groomed, but they are not obsessed with their appearance or the latest in the fashion world.
  • Consumer. Tim men who are passionate about the process of shopping, they do not even care what to buy, the main thing is the action itself. With such a young man, of course, it is pleasant to go shopping, but living together will have one main drawback: constant problems with finances.Even the fact that you can put off on an important purchase, he can go and pull down on jeans from the latest collection.
  • Narcissus. No, it's not about a pretty flower, but about a man who feeds boundless love for himself and his own appearance, for himself, beloved, only the most high-quality and expensive cosmetics should be on the shelves, and only fashionable and branded things should hang in the closet. It is up to the woman to decide for herself whether she can get along with a handsome woman who demands constant admiration for herself.
  • Esthete. This is the type of men who just loves everything beautiful. He treats his body and others as a work of art, but it should resemble a masterpiece! The indisputable advantage of such young people is their originality, non-standard thinking, the girl he will love, he will be treated like another work of art, showering her with compliments and passionate views. But, to be sure, the bundle with amenities includes accompanying flaws: quick temper, strangeness in behavior, expressiveness and so on.

Let's sum up

As you already understood, this type of men cannot be called bad or good, there are extremes everywhere.Let's start with the unpleasant: the possible difficulties of a financial plan, as things, cosmetics, trips to beauty salons and spa centers - this is the usual rhythm of life for such men.

These men love themselves

In addition, metrosexuals can rarely be called economic men, because they are more interested in examples of fashionable haircuts of the season than the need to make a crane, which has been going on for a week.

But there are a lot of good things: such men like to go shopping, which means that he will gladly go for your new blouse, advise what is sitting better and what it looks like. They are able to adapt to women, they can give up football in favor of a general compromise, and they can talk a lot about fashion, beauty and various diets, which, incidentally, will be enjoyed with you.

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