What is a chipset?

Even those who are well versed in computers sometimes do not know what a chipset is and what it is for. In fact, this tiny part, located on the motherboard of a computer, is practically the "brain", which is responsible for most of the processes occurring in the depths of the system unit. Without this chipset, neither the video card nor the RAM would work, and it would be impossible to connect any peripheral device to the computer itself.


Chipset - a set of chips that are used together to solve certain problems. Chipsets are installed in computers, smartphones, routers and many other electronic devices. In most cases, chipsets are designed to work with the central processor. Thus, in computers, chipsets control the interconnection of computer memory subsystems, the central processor, the input-output system, etc. Depending on the device in which the chipset is installed, it can perform various functions.

What does a chipset consist of?

The number of chips in the chipset has decreased with the development of computer technology.Earlier in the chipsets used 5 chips. Today, only two types of microcircuits are mainly used:

  1. A memory controller hub (north bridge) manages the memory of the computer and is directly connected to the processor.
  2. The I / O controller hub (south bridge) connects to the north bridge and controls all other processes.

In some of the more recent models of motherboards, the south and north bridges were connected to one chip, however, it also continues to be considered as a chipset.

Chipset Functions

The functions of various chipsets in the computer, we have already described. But, as mentioned above, the functions of the chipset differ depending on the type of device on which it is used:

  • In smartphones, the chipset provides the global positioning system (GPS).
  • In Wi-Fi routers and modems, it controls the delivery of a radio signal to other devices connected to a wireless network.
  • In audio devices, a chipset is part of a sound card and can be embedded in a computer's motherboard for converting a digital signal into a computer one.
  • Printers and scanners are also sometimes installed one chipset at a time to monitor the operation of all the component parts of the device.
  • In Blu-ray players, chipsets are used to play audio and video tracks.
  • Even in cables and adapters can be installed chips.

The development and production of chipsets is such a highly specialized area that only a few companies take on such a complex matter. The most popular chipset manufacturers are Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD), Acer Laboratories, Inc. (ALI), Intel Corporation, Chips and Technologies, Inc., OPTi, Inc., Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation (SIS). They supply their chipsets to various manufacturers of machinery and equipment. This means that the equipment of two competing manufacturers can be identical chipsets. For users, this situation has its advantages, as the drivers for a certain type of chipset are suitable for several hardware models at once.

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