What is a crankcase?

Victoria Mirontsova
Victoria Mirontsova
March 28, 2013
What is a crankcase?

The main parts of the car, for example, engine, gearbox and others, need protection. To protect them is a special part of the car - crankcase.


Carter was invented in 1889 by English engineer Carter and was named, you guessed it, in his honor. For the first time it was used in the device of a bicycle, and a little later it began to be used in the construction of machines.

In order to determine what a crankcase is, one should imagine the engine device that is the heart of the car. Carter has a box structure. It has a lower part, which is used for oil to lubricate parts. Carter is considered to be the largest cavity in a car engine, it protects it from dirt.

Carter is a part of the car that protects and lubricates the parts of the car engine in motion. Consider what the engine crankcase, depending on the specific type of engine.

Two stroke engine

In such an engine, the crankcase is both the body and part of the vehicle’s power system.It is preparing the mixture, which is fed under pressure into the cylinder and lubricates the moving parts of the engine. This engine has low rates of efficiency, and also fills our atmosphere with many waste hazardous substances.

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