What is HYIP in youth slang

So, what is HYIP in youth slang? This word is actually popular, and it came to us, like many other modern slang words, from the west. It is believed that this word was first pronounced in Russia at the beginning of 2017. It was precisely “HYIP” that the hype around the notorious unpleasant incident with Diana Shurygina was then called.

Subsequently, this word became even more popular. It became fashionable, thanks primarily to the popular TV presenter S. Druzhko. In his new blog on YouTube, Sergei repeated it very often - in almost every video. The audience for his channel in a short time scored just huge. And, of course, the audience immediately picked up a new jargon. As a result, after a while, the phrase-meme “Haypane a little bit” began to go around the Internet.

What is HYIP in youth slang?

Actually there are several meanings for this word. From English, hype is translated primarily as “excitement” or “repeated, intrusive advertising.”The verb derived from hype means “to unleash”, “to inflate”. It is in this interpretation that “HYIP” is used in youth slang today most often. Translated into ordinary language, this word means “hype”, “hype”.

To the question of what “HYIP” means, there is one more answer. Very often, this word is used in a similar to the "hype", but in a slightly different sense. Sometimes “HYIP” in the mouths of modern young people is a “mass discussion”, a “heated discussion”. This is the meaning, for example, that black PR people attach to this word. To “raise a hyip” from them means launching some regular duck in the media.

Other meanings

So, what is HYIP in youth slang is understandable. Initially, it is “excitement” or “mass discussion”. But lately this jargon often began to be used in a somewhat different sense. For many modern young people today the word “HYIP” is associated primarily with the expression “noisy party”. Simply put, “HYIP” is a big, fun party.

Sometimes this word is used in a completely different sense, not related to youth or fashion. “HYIP” in some cases is a major fraud.This interpretation is primarily due to the fact that many foreign exchange currency experts often use the abbreviation HYIP. In other words, in the mouth of an economist, this word may sound, for example, as “financial pyramid”.

The meaning of the word "HYIP", therefore, there are several. But more often this jargon is used by young people as the designation of any hype, excitement, or something very fashionable.

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