What is an MFP?

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What is an MFP?

When it comes to choosing a printer or scanner, the abbreviation �MFP� often pops up in a conversation - you may be advised to buy just this instead of the usual printing or scanning device.

In this article we will describe what an MFP is and what are its advantages.

MFP: what is it?

Under the abbreviation "MFP" hides a multifunction device. Of course, this name is applicable to many devices, from electronic clocks with a built-in radio receiver and player to smartphones and tablets. But it so happened that by multifunctional means office devices for working with documents.

Typically, the MFP combines the functions of printing, copying and scanning, and sometimes it can also serve as a fax machine. Speaking as a printer, the MFP allows you to print electronic documents - both from a computer and from flash drives. The scanner function makes it possible to convert any paper document or image into electronic format.

Thanks to the built-in scanner and printer, the MFP can work as a copier: any paper document can be scanned and immediately printed in several copies.Well, if a fax machine is also built into the device, you can receive faxes with it. Of course, all this is much more convenient than keeping a separate printer, scanner, copier and fax machine at home or in the office, if only because the MFP takes up much less space.

The choice of multifunction devices is wider than ever. Monochrome and color, with and without Wi-Fi - getting lost in this variety is easy.

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