What is the cause and where is the disease beriberi

Causes and symptoms of beriberi

The main reason people get beriberi is an acute deficiency in the diet of B vitamins. The disease develops much faster during pregnancy and lactation, and also affects people with a stomach ulcer, impaired functioning of the small intestine, and toreotoxicosis. It can appear even if there are problems with the absorption of beneficial substances in the body, including with prolonged diarrhea or frequent vomiting.
Additional causes of beriberi are alcoholism and persistent hard physical labor, especially in inappropriate conditions. If you combine these problems with the wrong diet, the risk of developing the disease is high.
There is an assumption that beriberi develops mainly due to the lack of vitamin B1, and not all the vitamins of this group.However, the classic version is that the cause of this disease is polyavitaminosis - deficiency of vitamins B, C, PP, riboflavin, pyridoxine.
Beriberi can be cured if you take action on time. Otherwise, it, unfortunately, can be fatal due to heart failure. Among the symptoms of the disease are headache, insomnia, constant fatigue, the appearance of edema, pain in the legs, heaviness, loss of appetite, disruption of normal heartbeat, the appearance of shortness of breath even with a relatively low weight.

Where is beriberi

People who are sick with beriberi can be found in Europe, but in this case we will speak more of a single case. This disease is much more widespread in Southeast, East Asia, Africa, South America. This is largely due to the fact that the diet of people living there, includes mainly rice. Especially seriously and often several decades ago, prisoners in prisons suffered from beriberi, because they did not receive foods rich in vitamin B and were forced to survive in difficult conditions.
Also, such a disease was widespread among Japanese sailors, whose menu did not differ in their variety. When the doctors learned the reasons for the development of beriberi, they gave recommendations, and the disease ceased to be as serious a problem as it was before.
According to the observations of doctors, the disease of beriberi is largely associated with high air temperature: in cold countries, it almost does not spread, while in hot countries it is much easier for her to get sick.

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