What is the reconstruction

Work on the restoration of buildings is very complex and lengthy, especially if the house is a historical or architectural monument that must be preserved in the same form or with the most minimal changes. In any case, the reconstruction includes the following works:
- strengthening the supporting structures of the building, that is, the foundation, supporting walls, columns, etc .;
- overhaul or complete replacement of all engineering communications;
- if necessary, the reconstruction includes the re-equipment of ancillary rooms (basements, attics) with the obligatory preservation of the building’s former appearance, especially if it is a protected object that has cultural and historical value;
- the construction of additional elements, for example, superstructures, extensions, in the event that it turns out that it is impossible to save the building in any other way.
First, the building to be reconstructed must be carefully examined with the involvement of specialists in various fields.According to the results of the survey, a conclusion is made about the state of the supporting structures and communications, the degree of their wear and, accordingly, the possibility and expediency of the reconstruction itself.
Based on this conclusion, the project organization will prepare a set of documents for all stages of reconstruction, which will indicate the name and scope of work, their approximate duration, the necessary degree of replacement of elements, redevelopment of premises, etc. All these documents are subject to approval and approval by the relevant authorized organizations. Without such coordination and approval, it is impossible to proceed to reconstruction work (a violation may entail not only administrative but also criminal liability).

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