What is transactional analysis?

1. Position of the Parent. These are values, attitudes, ideas of due and patterns of behavior that were learned by a person from his parents and other authorities. The position of the Parent is the "autopilot" of our behavior, that is, when a person does not know how to behave in a given situation, he recalls previously learned patterns. An example of the manifestation of the Parental position is edification (I told you ... now you understand ...), condemnation (well, is it possible so ... who does this ...), obligation (that's right ... do / don't do like me ...). Without the "Parent" a person loses moral standards, morality, and neglects ethical principles.
2. Position of an adult. This is an objective assessment of reality, logic, reasoning in terms of benefits. It arises on the basis of one’s own life experience and allows one to make independent decisions that are adequate to situations. The main thing in this position is decision making based on reflection.Examples of statements of the Adult: "this is reasonable," "how do you explain this fact?", "I will think." With a weak position of an Adult, a person loses touch with reality and lets life take its course.
3. The position of the child. First of all it is emotions. Immediacy, selfishness, whims, fears, offenses, gullibility, creativity, etc. Decisions are made spontaneously based on the mood at the moment. Examples of statements: “I want / do not want”, “I'm scared”, “I will not”, “oh so, then I”. The child is responsible for creativity and interest. When a child is very depressed, a person loses interest in what is happening and becomes unable to enjoy.
If the transactions intersect, for example, the first interlocutor takes the position of the Child, and the second intercepts the position of the Parent, then a conflict arises. An example of such a conflict is the following dialogue:
- Let's run from the lesson?
- No, you need to learn, otherwise we will work as janitors.
According to E. Bern, it is possible to resolve the conflict if you translate transactions into non-intersecting positions. In other words, if the first interlocutor starts the transaction from the position of the Parent, then he should also respond from the position of the Parent. For example:
- What kind of youth has become arrogant now!
- Oh, and do not say! Absolutely unbelted!
The most productive communication, to which you want to strive, takes place on the position of Adult - Adult, for example:
- The offer is interesting, but I do not see my advantage.
- I understand, we can give you an additional 10% discount if you pay for your order today.
In addition, the life analysis of the personality is considered in transactional analysis. In other words, these are attitudes learned in childhood and unconsciously used in adult life.

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