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What is what.

Hello! I have a problem, soon graduation, I bought an orange dress a little bit longer than the knee and shoes to him a tone lighter. Tell me which one to take a clutch and what to do with accessories?


A very beautiful dress! I am glad that the girls have moved away from the fashion for cake-style dresses and have become so stylish to dress on the release.

Since you chose a dress and shoes in the same color range, it’s better to choose a contrasting color. The thick pink color goes well with orange, you can also choose a cool color from fashionable metallic leather of gold or silver color depending on what metal will be in other accessories. It will be interesting if you support the color of the clutch and make a manicure of the same color or pick something out of jewelry. Without other components of the ensemble, it is difficult for me to decide on the selection of accessories. I definitely see a bracelet in this image and, depending on what hair style you have, high or low, bright earrings or necklaces.

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great dress!

a guest28.07.17 17:04

I advise you to buy jewelry, but if the pocket does not allow the jewelry

Does anybody know at what price the reception of metal is nowhttp://metall-rnd.ru/carried out? And what should be the weight in order for me not to carry it myself to the point of reception, but in order to come directly to the site and load everything? If someone faced this issue, tell me how things are going on this topic, thanks in advance for the information.

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