What do godparents give to christenings?

Baptism is the most important church rite in the life of every Orthodox person. During baptism, he dies with Christ for sinful worldly life, to be born with the Holy Spirit for eternal life. And in all the rest of his life, his godparents will accompany him. They must instruct him in faith, be engaged in his spiritual education, take care of him and warn him against mistakes. Therefore, the honorary invitation to become a godfather imposes certain duties on you, the fulfillment of which should be approached very responsibly. When the parents of the child showed you high confidence and invited you to be a godfather, the first thing you need to think about is a worthy gift for your little godson. Baptism is an ecclesiastical and ancient ritual, therefore, unlike secular holidays, such as, for example, ak Birthday, when a hero of the day can give any beautiful and useful thing, it is customary to present gifts for baptisms in accordance with popular traditions.

If you are, so to speak, “starting a godfather,” a newcomer to this business, and have not yet been baptized anyone before, then our story that the godparents donate christenings will have to be most welcome. Go to the question of choosing gifts responsibly, buy them with all your heart and give from the heart. May your godson be quite small now and cannot appreciate your gifts. He will quickly grow up, and the thing presented by you will be stored as a family heirloom, and remind the matured godson of the first sacrament in his life and about you, his caring godparents.

What gives the godfather on the christening

The Godfather necessarily gives the most important attribute of the whole ceremony of baptism - the pectoral cross. There are no clear rules on what material the cross should be made of. Now in fashion, if I may say so, crosses are gold, openwork, decorated with stones and enamel. However, it is not necessary to buy such a cross, especially if it is difficult for you for understandable material reasons.

The basic value of the cross is not in its monetary value. The cross, first of all, is a symbol of spirituality and faith in God, and not an ordinary piece of jewelry, as many now perceive it.Therefore, from the point of view of the Church, a simple tin cross made by monks in the Orthodox monastery, or a cross from sandalwood brought by pilgrims from a trip to the Holy Land, is much more valuable than any gold. The pectoral cross can also be made of bronze, amber or silver - the main thing is that it corresponds to the Orthodox canon and was consecrated in the church.

Most often in Russia it is customary to wear an eight-pointed cross with the inscription "Save and Save", made on its back side. For a small child, it would be best to buy a silver cross and hang it on a solid natural string, and not on a chain that will rub a delicate child's neck. And if you do not want to become a miser and can afford it, in addition to the silver cross of the cross, present to your godson any gold jewelry that will be useful to him when he grows up.

In addition to these gifts, the godfather traditionally pays for the rite of baptism and covers the festive table.

What gives the godmother on christening

According to the tradition, the godmother always gives one more item necessary for baptism - the Kryzhma.Such an unaccustomed word to our ear in the church is called a piece of cloth in which the baptized baby is wrapped, after it is taken out of the font. Initially it was a flap of bleached linen cloth, which by our time had turned into a large snow-white linen towel (in winter it can be cotton terry), decorated with white embroidery, hemstitch, jacquard braid with Christian symbolism and lace. The most valuable kryzhma is the one that the godmother will embroider with her own hands and will decorate with crocheted laces - they used to be called “valances”. But if your hands are not “sharpened” by handicrafts, do not be discouraged and buy ready-made kryzhma in a church shop or in a shop. After baptism, the Kryzhma is never washed, the face of the baby is carefully stored and wiped by it if he, God forbid, gets sick. This, according to popular belief, should bring him speedy healing from any ailment.

The next thing that the godmother buys for christening is a special baptismal outfit consisting of a white baptismal shirt that is up to the foot of the baby and a white lace cap, richly decorated with ribbons and pearl beads.The kit can also include matching to the overall style sliders and knitted openwork booties. The baptismal dress is usually sewn of cambric, decorated with embroidery, lace and merezhka and stored later as a family heirloom.

At this point, our conversation about buying godparents for christening comes to an end. It remains only to mention such a nice, small gift, like a silver spoon, popularly called “first tooth”. She is often given to the godparents or grandparents to the baby for baptism. Often the stalk of such a baby spoon is decorated with a silver angel or a cute little animal - a hare or a kitten. It is believed that the baby grew up healthy, his teeth were easily eaten, and always had a good appetite, it is necessary to feed him from this gift spoon.

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