What to do if your knees crunch

When swelling, pain or crunching of the knees, it is not necessary to postpone a visit to a rheumatologist who, based on the results of an x-ray or tomographic study, will make an accurate diagnosis. The course of treatment most often passes with the appointment of physiotherapeutic procedures, physical therapy exercises, diets with a high content of calcium. However, in addition to traditional treatment, you can use traditional methods. First of all, do not forget to warm your feet in a warm bath after a hard working day, and at the weekend to visit a wood bath or sauna. After these activities need to grindkneesrich nourishing cream. Thermal procedures help to strengthen and develop the mobility of the knee joint. Secondly, make appliques, compresses and lotions for the knees. You can mix wheat bran with milk to the consistency of porridge, and apply the prepared mass tokneesand cover the top with parchment paper and a warm cloth, such as a scarf. The duration of this application is about 1 hour, after which the mixture should be washed off, and smear the knee with a nourishing cream. As a compress, you can take gauze soaked in vegetable oil and orange or lemon juice (5: 1 ratio). After 40 minutes, the compress should be removed,kneesslightly stretch and tie a scarf overnight. At bedtime, you can make lotions using soda solution. After the procedurekneesyou need to lubricate with vegetable oil or nutritious cream. Thirdly, regularly perform such exercises as "scissors", "bicycle" (in the morning lying in bed), squats, knees (during the day). Outdoor games (volleyball, basketball, etc.) it is better to postpone for a while, but swimming is very useful. Fourth, adjust the diet. The amount of liquid to be drunk should be increased to 2 liters per day, including mainly non-carbonated mineral water, juices, herbal teas and decoctions.

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