How to feed a child after a year?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
November 8, 2011
How to feed a child after a year?

Your baby has celebrated its first birthday! Half a year ago, you began to show the child that the food could be varied. And now it's time to include even more food in the diet.

Whether to feed the baby after a year with milk

Breastfeeding after a year nobody cancels. Now it is no less useful for the child. You can feed it with milk after waking up and before going to bed, it is considered the main one. Did you know that breast milk can prevent the development of caries in the baby, because it contains antibodies that inhibit the growth of staphylococcus - the cause of caries development. But note that artificial feeding with milk should be canceled in the evening and at night, as this, on the contrary, increases the risk of caries development.

Diet - how to feed a child after a year

Dear parents, remember a few basic rules:

  • To diversify food means not just to add more different foods to the diet, but also to cook, chop food in different ways.
  • Do not rush the child when he eats.He himself will open his mouth to the spoon when everything is chewed.
  • No need to force the child to eat everything to the end. Let him eat as much as he wants.


  • Per day you can not more: kefir (200 ml), yogurt (300 ml), cottage cheese (70 g). Do not exceed the rate per day, so as not to overload the gastrointestinal tract and the excretory system. And whole milk is better to start giving the child after 2-2.5 years.
  • Fish is given 2 times a week (40 grams).
  • Meat on other days 100 gr.
  • It is not recommended to feed the baby with seafood and offal after a year, set it aside.
  • As much as possible vegetables and fruits! Watch the reaction of the body.
  • Eggs can be given every 2 days, cook hard boiled.
  • Include in the diet a variety of cereals. After a year, the child can be fed pasta is not often.
  • From sweets of candy, replace dried fruit, marshmallow, jam.

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