What to give a child for his birthday?

​​You have been invited birthday to the child and you do not know what kind of gift you can please on this day? Then you should take some time to read this article. After reading it, you will learn what a good gift you can give to your child on your birthday.

What to give to a child?


• If you want to celebrate a birthday with drive and fun, in motion with their


​​>• Things . If the child has not even turned a year, then it is better to buy one of the things, because at this age the baby does not understand the significance of the gifts, but it will be very nice for parents to receive such a gift from you. You can give funny hats or a warm suit for the autumn, a set of bed linen, an orthopedic pillow. A good gift will also be a certificate for visiting the children's clothing store.

​​>Developers toys If you think that you can not come to the child empty-handed and do not want to give him things, then you should take a closer look at developing toys. For example, a child can be given a developing mat at 3 months, a luminous toy at 6 months, and musical instruments, books or a sorter per year.

​​>Sets for creativity. Almost all children like to engage in creativity. Therefore, a great gift can be a set for drawing (an album, pencils, felt-tip pens, paints, brushes), a set for sewing or a set for modeling.

​​>Children cosmetic and hygiene means. From early childhood, parents begin to buy little children special hygiene products, such as powder, baby cream, butter, etc. Therefore, if you choose a gift for a very young child, you can choose your choice of such tools. If the child is older than 3 years, then you can easily buy baby shampoo, which does not cause tears, soap in the form of a funny animal or bath foam.A girl over the age of 7 can already be given a set of baby cosmetics.

​​>Sports accessories. If parents believe that it is necessary to inculcate a love for sports in children from early childhood, then you should visit the sporting goods store. Here you can buy a home sports corner, which parents will later install themselves in the children's room, a bicycle, rollers, skis, and skates. However, before you buy a sports area, you should consult with the parents of the child, because not every family can get excited about such an expensive gift. For example, it is unlikely that a family consisting of 4 people living in a one-room apartment will be able to find free space for it.

​​• Sweets . Any child will be delighted with a sweet gift. For example, you can order a cake for a child in a pastry shop with a picture of his favorite cartoon character or a set of chocolate figures.

No matter what gift you choose for the child, the main thingthat it was completely safe (it did not have small parts and sharp corners) and was matched for the child based on his age and interests.

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