What vitamins are necessary for menopause

The aging processes that are activated in a woman's body with the onset of menopause are due to changes in hormonal levels — a sharp decrease in the amount of estrogen and progesterone. At the same time, the level of testosterone, which provokes male-pattern hair growth and the appearance of lesions on the skin, increases. During this period, the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid by the body decreases, which immediately affects the tone of the upper layer of the skin. In addition, the metabolism is changing, potassium salts are worse absorbed, which leads to osteoporosis - bone fragility. Reception of vitamins will help to minimize these phenomena, to improve a hormonal background and to normalize a metabolism.
One of the most essential vitamins for menopause is vitamin D, which exists in two forms. Ergocalciferol enters the body with food, and cholecalciferol is synthesized in the skin under the influence of ultraviolet radiation contained in the sun.Taking these vitamins will help the bone tissue to absorb calcium salts, thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis. For women over 50 years old, the daily rate of these vitamins is 800-2000 IU. Especially a lot of vitamin D in egg yolk, fish oil, milk, liver and cereals.
No less necessary at this age and vitamin A, the daily rate of which is equal to 1700 mg. This vitamin improves metabolism and has a positive effect on the retina, contributing to the preservation of visual acuity. A lot of this vitamin in red pepper, carrots and green onions. Since it is fat soluble, foods containing vitamin A must be taken with butter or sour cream.
Vitamin E - tocopherol also belongs to fat soluble. It is an antioxidant that reduces the damaging effects on cell membranes of free radicals, slows down the aging process, protects blood vessels and improves the condition of the skin. It improves skin elasticity, moisturizes it. In addition, vitamin E is necessary for the nervous system - it helps stabilize mood. Leaf salads, spinach, meat and nuts are high in content. The daily need for it is 10 mg.
It is important that in the diet of women after 50 years, the vitamins of group B are present: B1, B2, B6. The daily need for them is 1-1,2; 121 and 1.5-2 mg, respectively. Vitamin B1 is abundant in black bread, legumes, especially in peas, spinach; B2 - in meat, cottage cheese, eggs, almonds; B6 - in red meat, bread and cabbage.
Also needed for menopause, vitamin PP, the daily rate of 25 mg. This vitamin normalizes pressure, strengthens blood vessels. It is found in liver, rye bread, mushrooms and pineapples. And vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties, it boosts immunity. It needs at least 100-150 mg per day.

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