When and how to pile up tomatoes in a greenhouse

Each gardener decides for himself whether he should spud tomatoes. Therefore, if you are thinking about whether to carry out this procedure in your area, you need to familiarize yourself with the information about what this hilling gives. As is known, when hilling, part of the soil rises upwards in the form of a mound around the stems of tomatoes. This allows you to protect the stalks of plants from pests. Due to loosening of the soil, more air enters the roots of plants, they are better saturated with nutrients, and water accumulates in the grooves that remain after hilling, which makes it easier for tomatoes to transfer periods between waterings. This is, perhaps, all the advantages of hilling.

Now for the timing of hilling. The time of the procedure depends solely on the plants themselves. Usually, if the tomatoes lack nutrients (the root system cannot cope), then at the bottom of the stalks, practically near the ground, small bumps appear - the makings of the future root system.This is the main sign that the time has come for hilling.

Spud tomatoes need only in wet soil, optimally - an hour after watering. You can carry out the procedure and accessories, but it is preferable to use a special tool - chopper. The work is done in the following way: a part of the land is neatly cleaned on one side of the plant, a small mound is created around the stem of the tomato, then the same is repeated on the other side. It is very important not to touch the root system when working, as this may adversely affect the health of the seedlings.

Thus, all tomatoes with tubercles on the stalks are tucked up. It is worth noting that the hilling procedure should be carried out twice per season. The first time is when the bumps appear on the stems (this is written above), and the second time - when the lower part of the stems is blue.

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