Where are the lungs?

March 18, 2015
Where are the lungs?

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Where are the lungs?

These important organs are found in all mammals, as well as in birds and reptiles, many amphibians, and some species of fish. Breathing organs (which scientists also call lungs) have also been found in some mollusks and arachnids. Where are the lungs of a person? What is the main function they perform? We will tell about this and some other interesting facts in this article.

Human lungs

In these organs, gas exchange takes place: the air that is in the lungs enters the bloodstream, which is suitable through the capillaries. Oxygenation takes place, and exhaust air, where there is a lot of carbon dioxide, is removed withlungsexhalation.


Human lungs are a paired organ consisting of two parts in the shape of a half-cone. The base is located on the diaphragm. The tip of each lung protrudes several centimeters above the collarbone, closer to the neck.

The lungs are located inside the chest, where they lie to the right and left of the heart. The structure has a rib surface, slightly convex.Sometimes on the lungs there are "traces" of the human ribs. And in the area of ​​the diaphragm and the middle surface is concave, facing the middle of the body. It is called mediastinal.


The mediastinum consists of all organs located between the lungs: the heart, vessels, bronchi, trachea, thymus, esophagus, nerves and lymph nodes. On the inner surface of the respiratory system there are gates where the bronchi, the artery and the veins exit.

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