Where does chickenpox begin

How can chickenpox begin

The causative agent of the disease - the virus - is transmitted by airborne droplets through direct contact with a sick person or with the use of common utensils, household items. The minimum incubation period is 10 days, the maximum is 21 days. Chickenpox - extremely virulent, that is, a contagious disease. For this indicator, it is second only to measles.There are cases when the measles virus spread over long distances from the room where there was a sick person through the air ducts.
A characteristic symptom of the onset of chicken pox is the appearance on the skin of small reddish specks, which soon turn into bubbles filled with a clear liquid. These bubbles may be round or oblong. Usually their maximum size does not exceed 3 millimeters, only in rare cases they are larger. A few days later the bubbles dry up, forming crusts, which soon disappear. At the same time there are new rashes.And so it goes on until recovery. That is, the appearance of bubbles on the skin of the patient occurs in a wave-like manner. The rash can be both mild, with slight itching, and very abundant, causing unbearable itching.The characteristic picture inherent only in chickenpox is the simultaneous presence of spots, vesicles and dried crusts on the patient's skin.
Adults who have not had chickenpox in childhood suffer this disease much harder. In some cases, with a low level of immunity, chickenpox can give complications, so this disease must be taken seriously.

How else can chickenpox begin

In some cases, the first symptoms of the onset of chicken pox are: a slight fever, malaise, headache, feeling of lethargy, apathy. Sometimes there is a copious rash in the form of tiny red dots, both in some particular area of the skin, and throughout the body. She appears for a few hours. But if this rash was at night, the child�s parents might not have noticed it.
Precisely because the first signs of chicken pox are blurred, this disease spreads instantly through kindergartens. After all, the parents of the child may not suspect that their baby is sick, and he should not be in contact with other children.

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