Where does the soul go?

Does life continue after it has ceased physically? Does a soul that has left a body find a place beyond death? Or does the soul not leave the body at all, and with it leave our world and go into non-existence? These and many other questions on the topic: where the soul of the deceased goes, are concerned both by the greatest minds of the planet Earth and by ordinary “mortals”.

Ever since ancient times, people have been trying to find answers to such questions. Human interest is inexorable, but the question: “what happens to the soul after the physical body dies?” It constantly worried. Subject life after death is extremely relevant and very popular, with a lot of undisguised speculation, we often encounter along with the data of serious scientific research. It is not disputed by the majority of modern thinkers that, after the physical death of a person, his consciousness does not fade. This fact few dare to dispute.

The work of Sri Swami Sivananda is very popular, the issues of life and death are more widely covered there than in other similar publications.The depth of personal thoughts of the author and the scientific approach opens the reader with more and more answers to such difficult questions as: where does the soul go after death? How long does the soul live in a physical body after death? Is it possible to see the soul leaving the body?


If you rely on dogmatic church teaching, then the soul of the deceased is prepared for the highest court after the death of forty days. So say the church traditions. In this court, the Lord determines the place where the soul will go after death. There she will stay until the general resurrection of the dead and the final judgment. In the first three days after death, the soul travels to those places in which the life of the departed has passed. In the heavenly abode in heaven, she ascends from the third to the ninth day. In Orthodox teaching, there is also a belief that the soul for 40 days after death walks around the world, says goodbye to her family and friends, most of this time she watches hell, waiting for the decision of the Lord.

The worst days for the soul are from the ninth to the fortieth. During this period of time, she observes all the sufferings of sinners who are in hell, the soul is shown the full horror of hell.According to church traditions, it is for the fortieth day that the Lord makes the most important decision - where the soul of the departed will go. On the fortieth, ninth, and third day, the church decided to perform special commemorations of the deceased.

Other religious beliefs

As for various religious beliefs, within their framework they say quite confidently about where the souls of the dead go. Quite complex ritualistic rituals were developed even in ancient Egypt. The purpose of these rites - after the onset of death - the release of the soul and its subsequent rebirth. There have always existed, and even now there are people who demand certain, irrefutable facts and evidence of life after death.

Opinion of the Tibetans

The phenomenon of reincarnation is most often associated with life after death, the most famous and vivid instances of the life of the soul after the death of the physical body are based on reincarnation. Some people are shocked and startled by the memories of their past lives. The Dalai Lama, the current spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists, according to Tibetans, is the fourteenth incarnation of Chenrezi, their deity, who preaches love and mercy to the world.

After the soul has separated from the body, an independent life begins for it, in the invisible world. On the afterlife of a person to build a clear and harmonious doctrine gives the opportunity, as the accumulated spiritual experience of the Church, and personal experience of many mystics and esotericians. What picture of the world to choose is up to you.

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