Where in the world are houses in trees

You can order a tree house in Russia. Several companies across the country are building shelters above ground. Small children's huts, summer terraces and houses in which to live can be built. For example, in the suburbs of such fantasy dwellings built firm Amazon Tree Houses. The largest tree house built by Horace Burgess in Tennessee. The dwelling has grown around the trunk of a 25 meter oak-giant, its thickness is 4 meters. But without the help of other trees has not done. At the top of the house there is even a belfry, which weighs two tons. Every day pilgrims from all over the world climb into the bell tower. The house has ten floors, built from the remnants of lumber and various variegated boards. In Westfalen in Germany, too, there is a cute house, located on the thick branches of a huge oak. And in Canada, Tom Chadley makes fantastic balls that he hangs on trees. These spheres consist of a wooden frame covered in fiberglass “skin” with epoxy resin.These balls have electricity and a telephone, and the options are more furnished with ordinary furniture and have a sink and a refrigerator. There was also the tallest tree house consisting of two platforms. They were more than sixty meters above the ground. This home was erected by environmentalists in Tasmania to draw attention to the uncontrolled deforestation in Australia. A lantern house on a tree, sparkling in the dark, you will find in Toronto. The hotels above the ground are rapidly becoming fashionable. There are them in India, for example. The lift in the rooms takes place with the help of a water elevator. The hotel is equipped with all the amenities and is included in the top 5 of the best hotels in the trees. In some places such houses are the norm. In Papua, most homes are located 10-15 meters above the ground. In these places only in this way can you be saved from bloodthirsty predators and mosquitoes. The experience and skill of building houses in trees are passed there from generation to generation.

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