Where to go in Odessa

There are not so many cities that are landmarks in their own right, and Odessa is one of them. Famous places such as Privoz, the Potemkin Stairs on the embankment, Deribasovskaya Street, Primorsky Boulevard and the Opera Theater, which is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Europe, are hearsay to many. It’s worth starting a walk with a walk through the old streets of the center, famous for its exceptional architecture. These are Rishelievskaya, Pushkinskaya, Lanzheronovskaya and others. Then you can go to the Odessa Sea Port - the largest in the whole Black Sea. From the port, be sure to go up the Potemkin stairs. This is a famous building consisting of 192 steps. Architect Buffo built a ladder by order of Prince Vorontsov, who wanted to make a gift to his wife Elizabeth. Where the steps begin, there is a monument to the Comte de Richelieu, who founded the city, in honor of him and the staircase itself was formerly called Richelieu. In Soviet times, it was renamed.The Potemkin Stairs lead you to Primorsky Boulevard, this is one of the most beautiful and greenest streets in the city. From its various sites excellent views of the sea and the port are opened, a very beautiful monument to Pushkin is located on it, as well as the most interesting old buildings of the city. first mayor of Odessa. Very beautiful Greek Square and the City Garden adjoin Deribasovskaya. For the most part, the street is pedestrian. Here, locals and guests of the city love to walk, and it is not surprising, because you will not get bored at Deribasovskaya. There are many shops, cafes and restaurants, many of which have tables on the street: Deribasovskaya is the center of social life of the whole city. The City Garden in the past was a favorite meeting place for creative people: musicians, poets and artists gathered there. The latter, as a rule, organized entire exhibitions in the Garden, displaying and selling their works. Today, most artists exhibit their paintings in Cathedral Square, which locals call the Cathedral. Being inOdessaOne cannot help but visit the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, built in the 19th century. Beautiful sculptures depicting muses of dance, music, tragedy, comedy and theater are located along the portal of the theater. The interior of the theater is striking in its luxury and magnificence. The most famous artists of all times performed on its stage, and the acoustics in the hall are excellent. ATOdessaThere are many museums that may interest visitors. These are the museums of Eastern and Western art, the Art Museum, the Odessa Pushkin Museum, and others.

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