Where to go on a date?

So you met. Now the flower-bouquet period should begin: trips to dates and sheer romance. But, for starters, decide: is the guy exactly right for you? Yes? Then let's think together where to go on a date and have a good time. On a note. All men and boys are divided into two types:

  • Active,
  • Home.

If he belongs to the first type, then with him you can go somewhere and show it to someone, visit all parties of the city and even go on a trip. If he is the second type, then the house is your best place to date. Such a guy does not feel a passionate desire to go with you to a crowded place, at home he feels much more confident. It is better for him to make you dinner, drink tea near the TV, and in the afternoon, help with the cleaning, and the carnation should be nailed somewhere. Both this and that type are good in their own way, but if you are lucky enough to find a man in whom these two characteristics are intertwined, then don't you dare let him go, he is the eighth wonder of the world! The same can be said about girls, so if a guy chooses a place for a date, he can safely use the same advice.

First date: where to go

You are on the first date, respectively, you need to meet.Therefore, you will need a place where you can safely talk. It can be a park, or even all the parks that you have in the city. For example, set a goal to explore them all in a couple of days. Walking around the city, tell each other what is connected with one or another place where you spent your childhood. You can even get into the forest if it is located near the city. Eat ice cream, cotton candy and enjoy nature!

Make yourself a cultural program. Visit the museum, theater or exhibition, there is something to see. Or go to the cinema for some romantic comedy, after which you will have something to discuss.

The amusement park is just a great date idea. Try all the rides, get a lot of positive emotions and extreme sports. For dessert, ride the Ferris wheel to talk about your secret desires.

Where can I go on a date in the summer

  • Picnic. In the hot season, and pulls to nature. Arrange with your half a small picnic, you can even fry sausages on the fire, or meat. And when it gets dark, near the campfire, talk only about you two, drink a glass of wine and you can start the first kiss.
  • River.When the temperature is high outside, it will be great to cool off in a cool little river. Splash water, sunbathe, build sandcastles made of sand, play volleyball. On the beach you can find many interesting activities.
  • Zoo. Perhaps you, or he still have not been to the zoo. Make up for lost time. Collect a basket of food and feed the animals, take fun photos. For a guy to choose a date in such a place would be much more profitable than to invite a girl to a cafe and order her alcoholic cocktails. There, she just can not relax, suspecting that something was amiss.
  • Rollers. If you love the thrill, take a chance to teach him (her) to ride roller skates. If you both know how to ride, then the pastime will be even more fun.

Where to go on a date in winter

  • Ice rink. Do you like movies about love? In 90% of such films, the first date of the main characters takes place on skates. I think that for good reason, this is a great idea for a date.
  • Bowling. Go to the bowling, there is not only warm, but also interesting, entertaining, and it can turn out for everyone. During this game, the person�s character is manifested. It becomes immediately clear whether he (she) knows how to have fun while losing, or whether he (her) is interested in what other people think.

If you have been together for a long time, arrange an evening of nostalgia.Go through all the places that remind you of your first feelings. Remember every word that was said to each other, kiss where it happened for the first time. Come up with your interesting ideas for the most romantic dates, fantasize, and you will have fun and usefully.

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