Which herb helps from bleeding

Nettle properties

Nettle is the most affordable and effective hemostatic herbal remedy. The hemostatic properties of nettle were known to Russian healers as early as the 17th century. Nettle drugs cope with all sorts of bleeding. Used as a means of stopping nasal, uterine, intestinal, pulmonary, renal and hemorrhoidal bleeding. With the help of nettle, it is possible to normalize too heavy menstruation or to treat extensive wounds outwardly.
The plant contains ascorbic, pantothenic and protein acids, esculen, numerous vitamins and tannins, salts of calcium, sodium and iron. Due to the symbiosis of these substances, the plant is famous for its properties to stop the blood.

Use for bleeding

With regular nasal bleeding, drink fresh nettle juice three times a day for a teaspoon.
Pharmaceutical extract of nettle is used to reduce various kinds of internal bleeding.
For the same purpose, at home, a tablespoon of ground, powdered dry nettle raw materials is poured with a glass of hot water, kept on the water bath for a quarter of an hour, cooled, filtered and taken in five stages. Need to drink before meals, two weeks, one tablespoon at the reception.
A more concentrated decoction is taken if it is necessary to cope with bleeding quickly. The dose of raw material in this case is doubled, leaving the amount of water the same. You can take the concentrate no longer than three days.
As prevention of bleeding with an increased tendency to them, it is recommended to add nettle leaves every day to borscht, main dishes, salads. Salads are prepared, pre-scalded young leaves with boiling water.
For heavy periods, before meals, take one tea juice of nettle, diluted with a quarter glass of water throughout the menstruation.
With uterine bleeding, the next harvest helps. 10 g nettle and yarrow, 5 g martin root, drug burnet, kopechnik. Mix everything dry.In the morning, half an hour before a meal, a pinch of the mixture (2 g) is brewed with boiling water and drunk as tea for two months.
Another collection from uterine bleeding: 10 grams of nettle, motherwort and yarrow, 5 g of martin root, drug burnet, hedgehog of the forgotten, and bergania. This collection should drink before going to bed ninety days.

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