White roses

All girls love flowers. And the eighth of March is an excellent occasion to please them with these colors. But, unlike living flowers, which will wither in a couple of days, flowers tied with their own hands will please their owner for many years.
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Make roses with their own hands is not difficult at all. To do this, you need 200 grams of white yarn, 100 grams of green yarn, a hook that matches the thickness of the thread, wire, and a little imagination. The rose will consist of three parts: bud, stem and leaves. All these parts will be tied separately, and then collected in a whole rose. The bud is knitted according to the following scheme.  The bud is knitted according to the following scheme
We recruit 40 air loops. We make a climb to the next row with three more air loops.  Dial 40 air loops In the second row in each second loop we sew two bars with a crochet.
two columns with a crochet
Again a lift in the form of three loops. In the third row we sew the first loop two columns with a crochet, three air loops, in the second loop again two columns with a crochet, one air loop. So we repeat the whole series.
 repeat the whole series
Again we rise. In the fourth row, in each air loop of three, we knit three columns with one nakida, into one free loop — a single crochet column.
 Again we make the ascent
The resulting We collect the spiral in a rose. We sew in a circle, starting from the center and moving to the edge.
 We sew in a circle
 pretty bud
In the end we get such a cute bud.
cute bud
The next stage is the stem. The stem will be connected according to the lace principle. Three air loops are transmitted. cnttkm From each loop it is simply stretched over the loop, as a result, there are three loops on the hook.The first and second loops are removed from the hook and clamped with the thumb and forefinger, through the third we sew the air loop.  we sew an air loop We put on the hook the second free loop, and through it again we are tying the air. We also put the first loop on the hook and perform the same manipulation. As a result, the hook is again three loops. The first two we remove and fix and repeat the procedure. Thus, we knit a lace of the required length. knit a string of the necessary length Then from the last three loops we sew around the circle five air loops. From each air loop we sew two columns with a crochet.
the last three loops
Then from the one column the first row is tying seven air loops.
 we tie seven air loops
The second row in these loops we knit three semi-columns, three double crochets,and close in the second column of those arranged in a circle.
 arranged in a circle
So we knit five rays, with which the stem will be attached to the bud.
knit five rays
The leaves are knitted according to the following pattern.
 The leaves are knitted according to the following scheme
Type nine air loops.
 We collect nine air loops
By the pattern shows that knitting occurs in a circle. To make the leaves smooth, follow the diagram exactly.
 the leaves turned out to be even
 the leaves turned out to be smooth
We begin the assembly of the rose. After the bud itself is sewn, the stem is sewn to it.
 We start assembling roses
Then leaves are attached to the stalk.
leaves are sewn
In the ready-made rose we insert the wire,so that the flower held the form. Before sticking the edge of the wire it is better to bend so that it does not cling to the thread and do not tighten.

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