Why do we seize emotions and how to stop it

Why do we eat what we eat?

Real hunger has not been familiar to modern man for a long time. We are used to eating almost two to three times more than is really necessary to maintain mental and physical activity. Remember, even with a sedentary office rhythm of life for dinner, you already clearly want to eat. Although there seems to be no special burden: at the computer there is no place to spend physical energy when you just sit on the pope and do your own thing. For the normal functioning of our body sufficient one or two small meals per day. All the rest is emotional hunger. Food is energy, so it's all about energy.

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Would you like to have a seagull with sweets after a hearty dinner? Or ice cream after a huge steak that fell like a stone in the stomach? It would seem, well, where else, ate to satiety, but I want something from above. This hunger,as well as hunger without a real need to compensate for physical activity, hunger of a certain energy shell, which every person has. Eastern philosophy and medicine call it a subtle body. In the process of digestion, the energy of a person and food are connected, synchronizing subtle vibrations of mood, mind and psyche. Ayurveda talks very well about the dependence of emotions and hunger, explaining why sweet taste soothes, tart and bitter fills with patience and tone, and salty allows you to concentrate and concentrate.

Without realizing the reasons for hunger, we want to eat something in order to feel less miserable and happier, to calm down, get together or, conversely, cheer up and be activated for some kind of business. When we feel that we need to eat, this means a lack of a certain sensation, a state not only of satiety of the stomach, but of the satiety of the subtle body, mind, psyche. That is why many women seize insults and stress with sweets, console themselves with chocolates and lift their spirits with an extra eclerik. That is why men gather their strength and activate their attention through the salty and spicy taste.Think of any sports match or policy discussion that does not come without chips, salted nuts, or dried fish.

This also explains when at a certain point in your life you suddenly begin to eat some kind of product in large quantities. At one time, I swallowed up tons of smoked salted cheese when I was working with the site of construction topics. Salty taste helped me collect my thoughts, quickly understand new information, structure sections and work with a large amount of information. When the work entered the usual monotonous course, my love for the unrealistic salty cheese passed away, as if it had never existed.

Emotions - food for the thin body

Remember the strongest love. Emotions going wild, endorphins literally seethe in the blood, adrenaline from the upcoming meetings and a pleasant expectation makes jumping a goat and forget about everything. What did you eat at the time? Have you ever eaten anything? Now remember some of the darkest period in life, usually associated with losses and partings. Often, conflicts and quarrels have driven me into a terrible depression, when there is no strength even to cry and feel sorry for myself, but I just want to lie flat.Of course, about any food and there can be no question, because a piece in the throat does not climb. When we are emotionally filled and in harmony with ourselves, there is no need for an extra plate of borscht or “something tasty.” And it is not so important what kind of emotions it is - sadness and happiness fill the same way and allow you to forget about hunger.

And that is why a diet as a form of a certain dietary restriction gives only a temporary result. At a time when you deprive yourself of certain foods, you limit the amount and taste of food, the thin body accumulates its hunger. And in the end, the body can not withstand the energy starvation, raises you to the refrigerator at three o'clock in the morning and forces you to gobble up everything. My attempts to sit on a diet always led to the same breakdowns - on spicy and salty. After all, I constantly controlled myself, watched the feeling of satiety and satiety, put incredible efforts to limit the portion of food, often and at the same time, alternate proteins and carbohydrates, count BJU. My mind was spending enormous resources on concentration, so my obsession was smoked mackerel or a bag of harmful chips.Salty taste haunted me everywhere and imagined before going to bed, with all the flags signaling the energy hunger of the thin body, and not the stomach at all.

Why diets do not help?

Physically, our body can go without food for at least two weeks and only after that it will begin to break down. But our thin body can not tolerate energy hunger even during the day. Emotions that allow you to come to a certain state of mind and body are constantly needed. If you do not get the necessary energy feeding, we become nervous, irritable and jerky. Constantly there is a feeling as if all the people around and the surrounding space itself draw out energy. No even the most delicious and healthy diet gives a feeling of satisfaction and inner peace, because it is based on a restriction in nutrition, and not on an understanding of its essence.

The secret of a beautiful figure is not at all in the stomach, fast metabolism or nutrition program. It's all about emotional saturation. When we experience a lot of different emotions, the subtle body becomes saturated, the appetite becomes conscious, we think about food rather mechanically, having dinner and eating out of habit.However, if the emotions are suppressed and crushed, then we begin to seize them. The "night-doorman" after a nervous working day is rather an energy indigestion, when a person has not coped with emotions and tries to compensate for the unproductive energy food with physical food.

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Not understanding what kind of emotion we are hiding, what state is not enough, we cannot understand what to eat. And in the end we eat up the fridge cleaned, getting only gastritis and obesity. When we are in harmony with ourselves, with our body and our subtle body, the taste preferences change with the level of consciousness. Through awareness of their mental and emotional state comes an understanding of taste sensations. Understanding that hidden insults are hidden nowhere, unexpressed feelings, crushed shame and fear, allows you to enjoy and saturate with food, consonant with our state. In a joyful mood we can appreciate the taste and enjoy the usual porridge for breakfast, cheerfulness and freshness of green salad, we can appreciate the sweetness of fruits, and not just their juiciness.After all, these are products with high vibrations that do not burden the thin body and support its harmonious sound. Conversely, pasta, potatoes, semi-finished products, chocolate and yeast pastries with lots of sugar are products with low vibrations. They help the subtle body to gain energy for survival, resistance to external constraints and emotional pressure (including when we crush emotions in ourselves, and do not experience them). This explains the unbearable desire to eat some huge roll of fast food or a seven-handed cake with cream.

Getting rid of excess weight through food restriction is doomed to failure. Diets will inevitably lead to breakdown or energy depletion due to excessive efforts to avoid this breakdown. Fractional methods of nutrition are also doomed to failure, if there is an imbalance of energies in them, which are food for the subtle body. By and large, women who want to lose weight, absolutely do not want to get rid of some kind of overweight. They just want to become happier and content in the body in which they already are. And sometimes it's enough just to understand your emotions, to realize your current psychological state and to eat what is necessary, what actually is required.

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