Why do you want to cry?

A person begins to cry at the time of his birth, and then, all his life does not lose this ability. Tears flow in moments of grief, grief, resentment, pity. Most often, children cry. Adult women begin to cry after 35 years. Before this age, a good reason is needed for crying. Men cry even less often. So, why do you want to cry a man?

Psychological reasons

Psychologists say that a man cries out of self-pity. And even if the situation does not concern him externally, he still projects it onto himself, imagines him to feel in this situation, and begins to cry. For example, at a funeral a person cries because he sees death and understands that he cannot avoid it. Looking at the torments of a sick person or animal, he imagines that he himself is sick. When a person loses a loved one, he feels sorry for himself, because he has become lonely. This is a very tough doctrine, many will argue with it, but this is the opinion of scientists. We in life explain crying with sincerity, emotionality, vulnerability, sentimentality. Any of these qualities can cause crying.

A particular opinion is expressed by the priests, answering the question why I want to cry in the church. They say that tears are a gift of God sent to us for cleansing. With tears, they argue, all the negative accumulated in life comes out. Some ministers of non-Orthodox movements say that it is the devil sitting in a person who does not allow him to go to church, sends sobs to the person. You can believe in any teaching, but no one will argue with the fact that a person goes to church to ask for help from a higher power. He completely opens his soul, sincerely admits to himself that he will never tell anyone. And, it begins to overwhelm with self-pity, a martyr. Therefore, tears appear, completely clean and honest.

Physiological causes

Doctors do not consider crying a pathology, for them it is a normal physiological phenomenon. From a medical point of view, crying is a consequence of increased emotionality. At the moment when a person cannot cope with a difficult situation inside, the reaction of a person begins to break out, attracting the attention of others with non-standard behavior. It is this that motivates those who are around to start helping a person, calm him down, solve his problem.Remember why a baby cries? At that moment he needs something, and he cannot say it in words yet. An adult cannot always ask for help with words either, so he cries. This theory fully answers the question why one wants to cry in terms of anatomy and sociology.

Increased tearfulness is observed in people with diseases of the thyroid gland, because if it is bad, the psyche becomes unstable. Also, because of the special hormonal background, women are whining before menstruation. Also, hormones can start to develop poorly during stress, insomnia, mental fatigue, heavy physical exertion. Try to relax more, change the type of activity.

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