Why dream of a big dog

According to the dream book, a dog in a dream is a symbol of imminent problems. The seen death of a dog is a harbinger of a quarrel with a good friend or a betrayal of a lover.

If in a dream the dead dog is resurrected and intends to bite you - an unkind sign. Some long forgotten efforts will descend with a new force and fall upon your shoulders with a heavy burden.

If there are flies flying around the corpse of a dog, there is a danger to your health, be vigilant.

To understand why a big dog dreams, a friend will help. Observe his behavior - he may soon betray you.

Many dogs barking from behind - to the betrayal of loved ones. Someone weaves intrigue behind you.

Aggressive pack of dogs - a symbol of your weakness, lack of initiative. You rely heavily on the opinions of other people, it can harm you. In general, a dog's attack is a bad sign. But he will help to understand the enemy�s tactics - whether he will openly act or try to stab him in the back.

A big white dog in a dream - to a big incident in your city.Little white dog - to shocks only in your life.

Redhead dog dreams about rumors that will harm you.

Baby's dream

Of course, the dog is a friend. If she is aggressive, it is a reflection of your bad intentions. If the dog is calm and quietly lies - wait for a gift. A dog entering the house is a pleasant visit. Hostile dog - to the appearance of the enemy. If he bites and bleeds from the wound - meanness wait from relatives. If there is no blood - to deceive a loved one.

Dream interpretation admirers Veles

According to the dream book, a dog is a sign of both bad and kind, depending on its behavior. The white dog dreams of joyful events, the red dog - of deception and intrigue, the black dog - of unkind news from a friend. The howl of a dog is dreaming of a near death, yours or someone close to you. Play with the dog - to meet with the enemy. If in a dream the dog bites off the raid, you do not have time to fight back - to intrigues, wiles behind his back. If you are fiercely fighting a dog, the enmity will be open and honest. To hear barking in a dream - to the noise because of nothing.

Russian people's dream book

To dream a big dog - to meet with a good old friend.

Gypsy dream book

Playing in a dream with a pack of dogs is a sign of your greed.A white dog, seen in a dream, is for joyful events, a black one for betrayal. To see the dog is mad - the sign is very unkind, a terrible misfortune is coming. Fighting cats with a dog means your mistake in choosing a friend. The one whom you call a friend is not a friend to you, he will betray in the near future. To dream of a big dog clinging to your boots � intrigues and wiles, dirty rumors that a soulless man dissolves, wanting to harm.

Ezopov Dream interpretation

The dog is a symbol of loyalty, endless devotion and courage. The dream of walking with a dog is a joyful dream, this is good news. He talks about having a loyal friend who will always come to the rescue. To hear barking in a dream - to gossip, imaginary friends �break� behind your back. A big dog dreams of faithful friendship that you carry through your whole life. If a dog dies from a snake bite - a bad dream. A big dog is dreaming - what is it for? You strongly offend a faithful friend, as you will regret for a long time. If it was dreamed that dogs are fighting because of an abandoned bone - a warning that you should not skimp or to meet with a very greedy person.

Egyptian dream book

If a dog is bitten in a dream - badly, it means that soon you will fall under a magical rite that will bring nothing but sorrow.

Muslim dream book

Barking dogs - to the watds and intrigues that mend enemies. To dream of a great kind dog - to meet with a good friend, whose thoughts are clean. If the dog bites and tears clothes - there will be a fight in reality.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

If the dog tore the skirt - to the emergency wedding. Going to a dog handler to train your dog means they want to put the blame for your mistake on the shoulders of another person. If a dog is smacked in a muzzle - it means that you need to take measures so that the enemies could not harm you. To defend against an aggressive dog in a dream - to commit a bad act in the near future, which you will have to regret.

Dream of the ancient Slavs

You can interpret a dog in a dream in different ways. Good dog, non-aggressive - to meet with a long-time friend, a sign that the friendship will be long and strong. Dog evil and biting - to the trouble, to the betrayal of a friend or to your bad deed. The dream warns - it is necessary to be afraid of enemies, but also not to "plashat".

Redhead dog dreamed up - you are plotting behind your back.

If in a dream barking, and the dog is not visible - to an irreparable trouble. To the strong affliction of a loved one who may end in death. Attempt to find a dog is your empty efforts and efforts, they will not bring result.

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