Why dream of digging the ground

Earth is a symbol of life and fertility. Why dream of digging the ground - the interpretation of a dream depends on the details that the dreamer was able to see in night dreams.

Dream interpretation Felomena

Dreaming about the process of digging the earth - to incredible success in work. Your work will be fairly paid.

Such a dream also suggests that the time has come for profitable investment of funds.

Value dreams with the details

In real life, it is time to look for a new job for yourself with decent pay, move to another position, or even change the type of activity - that’s what dreams you about as you dig the earth with a shovel.

Night dreams, in which the dreamer is digging the earth with his hands, predict a lot of work for a meager payment - in the near future, finding another job with a good salary will not work.

In reality, you will succeed if you observed in a dream how you dug potatoes out of the ground. Your work will be adequately paid for, if in a dream the fruits of potatoes were large.

Digging a hole in the ground - in reality, you need to prepare for the ordeal and hardships. The reward for the difficulties will be generous payment for them.

If the dreamer in the garden shovel digs the ground, then in real life he will have opportunities to achieve their goals.

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