Why dream of toys?

Julia Chmykhalo
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Why dream of toys?

During sleep, a person can interact directly with his subconscious. Thanks to this, it is possible to solve very difficult life problems and situations that can drag on for more than a few weeks. In addition, for a long time it was believed that in a dream you can see your future and get warnings. It is worth noting that various objects in a dream can have several meanings. It all depends on the choice of the dream book and the details of the dream.

What dreams of toys for different dream books?

Often dreams are very realistic, but this does not mean that they can be trusted 100%. Prophetic dreams - this is a great rarity.

  • According to the XXI century dream book, old toys dream of sadness and hurt feelings; they can symbolize unfulfilled dreams. New toys dream of great success and positive changes in life, which may not come soon.
  • Small Veles dream book describes the toys seen in a dream as a waste of time or deception. In this case, if a toy is given - to the fulfillment of desires.
  • According to the Modern Dream Book, toys denote meaningless waste of time, occupation by idle business, and also useless expenses of money.
  • Also, according to some dream books, a large number of toys, seen in a dream, means a quick replenishment of the family.
  • According to the dream book A. Meneghetti, toys symbolize a useless object that indicates the involvement of a person in a waste of time or resources. They can also mean the substitution of activity or the abandonment of real life.
  • According to the Old Russian Dream Book, toys symbolize unimportant matters and insignificant events? into which you have gone too deep.

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