Why dream of a web?

The web seen in a dream foreshadows tangled situations, making mistakes, destroying hopes. If you saw such a dream, try to remember what role the web played in it.

Dream interpretation of Nostradamus

Dream interpretation of the web warns of betrayal, deceit close, long disputes, troubles. If you dreamed a web, someone could cheat you meanly.

  • On the ceiling - to disease;

  • In the sun - an important event will happen in the fall;

  • A confused person is a complex case involving a violation of the law;

  • The bird that got into the web is a symbol of global difficulties in the country.

The dream of psychologist Z. Freud

A web in a dream speaks of discord in sexual relationships. It is necessary to change the partner to diversify personal life.

Children's dream book

If you see a web in the corners, most likely you will soon find yourself in a hopeless situation. If you decide to remove a web in a dream and you succeed in this, then there is a way out of a confusing situation.

Dream Esoteric E. Tsvetkova

  • To see the web - to the intrigue, the trap;

  • Get confused - accusations will fall on you.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the Cananite

  • To see the web is false happiness;

  • Collect - empty hopes.

Universal Dream

  • To get into the web in the forest - there is something in your life that is time to get rid of;

  • See - favorite things, and people stopped to please;

  • A cobweb in an empty, abandoned house - a trap prepared for you will not cause you any trouble.

Dream Dream Thelomena

Despite the fact that most interpreters speak of an unpleasant outcome of dreams with a spider web, Felomen's dream book interprets this vision as an opportunity to get out of the trap and successfully complete the work.

Where was the web?

  • In the apartment - misunderstanding of friends will soon pass;

  • The whole room is tightened - you are carrying out despicable plans that can harm other people;

  • At the window - the fear of marriage;

  • On the ceiling - to the disease;

  • On the wall - empty chores, repair.

Have you seen a spider? What did he do?

  • Spattered web - a warning about the upcoming troubles;

  • Attacked you - unpleasant situations with the boss;

  • Many in a dream of spiders and cobwebs - you are surrounded by good, loyal friends.

Dream interpretation Shereminskoy

If in a dream you are shooting, brushing off a web, then in real life you can justify yourself, rehabilitate yourself in the eyes of others.

Dream and Dmitri and Hope of Winter

If you see a web, conspiracies and intrigues are being prepared against you. Light, airy, beautiful cobwebs - the joy in the house and in family relationships. Large spiders on the web - a symbol of a friend and protector, small - a dangerous and insidious enemy.

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