Why i pay taxes

So, you pay taxes, because without them our state cannot provide its main functions, such as the defense and defense of the country, the fight against crime, the provision of citizens with free medical care and education. Timely tax and sufficient tax payments ensure the security, financial stability and independence of the state.
The taxes we pay go to the budgets of different levels and form its revenues. Then the state distributes the amounts received in various directions. Taxes are required to pay not only individuals, but also enterprises and organizations.
Taxes that have been received by the budget are spent in several areas:
- financing of law enforcement agencies;
- the maintenance of public institutions (hospitals, schools, kindergartens, etc.);
- ensuring the security of the state, including the maintenance of the army;
- financing of state programs;
- subsidies to the housing and utilities sector;
- the content of the apparatus of state administration;
- construction of social facilities and landscaping;
- pension provision of citizens. These are just some areas of budget spending. But they already allow us to conclude about the need to pay taxes.
Taxes perform a number of important functions. The main one is fiscal. Thanks to it, incomes of budgets of different levels and funds of extra-budgetary funds are formed. Taxes perform a distribution function, i.e. taxation of different amounts of income is taxed differently. Thanks to this function, the redistribution of income of the population occurs. In addition, taxes regulate social relations. With their help, the state supports the most significant sectors of the economy and slows down the development of unclaimed ones.

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