Why roller blinds are worth buying in a specialty store

Many people are sure that you can buy roller blinds in any building supermarket, because it is quick and convenient: he chose, paid at the checkout and immediately took home. In part, they are right - you can really get one. But only the quality of such curtains often leaves much to be desired, because roller blinds, despite their rather simple design, have their own characteristics, and can be performed really high quality only with individual order. In this article, you will learn why preference is given to the personal manufacture of rolls for your windows, rather than buying a finished product.

Sizes of roller blinds

This is where the problems start for the vast majority of people who decide to buy ready-made roller blinds. Often, when a curtain is hung on a window, it turns out to be either too large, or, worse, small, and your window openings acquire gaps.Such a “surprise” spoils the overall look of the room, and the curtain does not fully perform its functions.

If you make a custom-made roll-up curtain, its size will be the same as the size of the window up to a millimeter, because before opening it, all the openings of the windows to which the rolls are to be measured are measured.

Auxiliary elements of roller blinds

In addition to the fabric, curtains have some more elements that provide ease of use. So, in custom curtains, plastic elements have high strength, and they are not afraid of the sun's rays. Finished products are mainly equipped with brittle plastic, which has a tendency to turn yellow when exposed to sunlight.

The self-blocking mechanism for roller blinds in products that are purchased ready-made can quickly become unusable. Because of this, the fabric will not roll up completely, or quickly unwind from the reel. As a result, the fabric itself you can not fix at the required height. Custom made curtain mechanisms are mainly made of plastic in Europe, which has excellent quality and durability. Accordingly, it will serve for many years.

Another element of the curtains, without which you can not do is a weighting beam. It is placed at the bottom of the fabric and its function is to align the canvas when it is in a lowered form so that it fits snugly to the window opening. In custom roller blinds, this beam is made of aluminum. Due to this, the blind is tight and not subject to fluctuations in the wind. In finished products, beams are made of plastic or wood. Since these materials are lightweight, the curtain will not fit snugly and fluctuate even with the slightest draft.

Roller curtain roller is one of the main components of roller shutters, after the canvas itself, of course. Manufacturers of universal curtains, which are sold in supermarkets, often make it from fairly flexible materials, and over time it often bends. In custom curtains, the shaft is made of high-quality aluminum with thick walls, and under the weight of the curtains it will not bend even with time.

Impregnation of roller blinds

In finished products, manufacturers often use ordinary dense fabric, which is not handled in any way. Of course, because of this wear it will happen quickly enough, it will lose its attractive appearance, it will get dirty.Fabrics curtains on request impregnated with a special tool that gives them protection from moisture, dirt, sunlight. Thus, the curtain for a very long time looks like new.

Summing up, you can confidently say that the roleta will be best bought at a specialty store.

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