Why see a horse in a dream

Why dream of a horse? This noble animal is associated with power, freedom and power.

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Why dream of a horse
Why dream of a horse

Universal Dream

The position of the rider is always preferable to the person who stands on the ground.

From the emotions that overwhelm you in a dream, depends on the interpretation of sleep. Do you have a horse where you want it? This is a very important point.

If you are riding a horse, then your forward movement will be victorious and fast.

Is the horse below you? Or maybe running? A dream will show the state of your affairs.

"Dark horse" - should carefully analyze their position.

Pay attention to the state of horseshoes. The lost horseshoe encourages you to be ready to defend your territory. Having lost a horseshoe, you can lose everything.

Family Dream

Why dream of a white horse? Sleep predicts happy meetings with pleasant people, good friendly relations. But this is only the case if you ride a white horse.

Dirty horse - trust in vain. Envy, perhaps even cheating will not make you happier.

Bay horse - desires will be satisfied. But a woman needs to part with an annoying fan.

Black horse - a business result is guaranteed, but, quite unexpectedly, you will be disappointed in what you do. To life well-being - participation in exciting races.

Is the horse restless, kicking? Striving towards the goal, you will meet obstacles, difficulties.

A dead or wounded horse will dream of the bitter tidings.

Dream Esoterica Tsvetkova

Hoped on a horse - hopes will be realized. Peeled off her - the situation may deteriorate.

By marriage, a horse that has come into the house will dream.

To dream a white horse - get married. In general, things will work fine.

Esoteric dream book

You think the impending punishment is unfair. We saw a dead horse. The dream hints that retaliation can be avoided.

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

A horse is dreaming - what is it for? Beware of lies from someone close to you.

We met a horse on the way, which means you will have a reliable defender, maybe even a savior.

Your desire to have children will be indicated by a dream, where you are in the role of a rider.

East Dream

Unharness horse? We'll have to reconsider their family responsibilities. Knowing that the seller is a deceiver, you still get a horse in a dream - to the loss.

Luck will come if you have left yourself a beautiful thoroughbred horse, and the one that is worse sold.

Success is guaranteed if you move through the crystal stream. We looked at the dark water - your joy will overshadow an unpleasant event.

Clean the horse yourself or see how someone else is doing this - a dream predicts hard trials and hard work on the way to prosperity.

They saddled the horse - maybe you should miss the benefit. Young people often see horses for the upcoming marriage.

Very good sleep for people of creative professions and businessmen, if they are engaged in decorating the tail and mane of a horse.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Harness - to lose a loved one.

Will you be able to demonstrate professionalism and talent if you saw yourself flying on a three in the snow in a sleigh? Such a case will be presented.

Riding in a carriage - luck in the little things. A good harness in a dream - to the fulfillment of desires.

We saw the harness of the old and torn - the trouble will bring your rash conclusions and actions.

A close person will hurt if they saw a horse with a mane to the ground.

Tail to the ground - yourself, unwillingly, offend someone. All in the past, when the horse's tail is cut off.

The dream of a modern woman

Why dream of a horse woman

Favorable and dramatic changes will occur when they took a horse by the bridle, and she obeyed.

In the female environment, riding on horseback - you are dependent and do not know what you want.

A girl gallops, a horse under her a crow - an accident contributes to the fulfillment of desires.

Have you admired a perfectly savvy horse? A dream ensures the most loyal friend appears, forever.

The girl dreamed that her lover was riding astride her. Successful fans. Pleasant and helpful communication.

A man will imitate jealousy if she dreams that the rider has been frightened.

Why dream of a herd of horses? Business partners act in concert. The business is booming.

To see a parched land, pasture - to have friends of faithful, but poor.

Why dream of a horse with a foal? A foal in a dream - to the joyful troubles associated with the birth of a baby, to the guests.

The foal sucks a mare - a dream promises significant changes, independence, honor.

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