Why shake hands in an adult

Scientifically, this process is called tremor. All people shake hands in different ways. Someone may have a pronounced character, and someone may be invisible to others. Moreover, any tremor is part of the physiology of the human body. This process is completely uncontrolled and may indicate the presence of any disease. But most often the hand tremor is inconstant and quickly passes.

There are many reasons for shaking hands in an adult. Among the most common are:

1.  Strong physical exertion. This tremor continues for some time after their completion. Weight lifting and long-term sports activities lead to it.

2. Fatigue of the human body. In this case, you need a good rest and sleep.

3.   Alcohol consumption.

4.  Smoking. Almost all heavy smokers shake hands.

5. Various stressful situations that cause strong emotions in the human body, for example, speaking somewhere, frightening and so on.Such a process has no consequences and is associated with the peculiarities of the nervous system.

6.  Depression. This may be the reason for the use of various antidepressants.

7.   Drinking tea or coffee.

8. Age. In old age, many people are shaking hands.

9.  Side effects of drugs.

All of these reasons are temporary, and after they are resolved, the tremor of the hands may stop. But in some cases it can last a long time. In this case, you should seek help from a specialist.

Diseases that shake hands:

Various diseases of the heart and blood vessels, Parkinson's disease, traumatic brain injury, thyroid disease, sclerosis, cancer, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes and others.

To stop shaking hands, it is necessary to follow certain conditions and rules related, for example, with proper nutrition and distribution of body loads. But in some cases it does not do without the help of doctors, in particular surgeons and neuropathologists.

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