Will prostate massage cure prostatitis?

Hello! The question is - can a prostate massage cure prostatitis? or is it contraindicated? Who will answer ... Who will tell?


This is one of the auxiliary procedures, the main one is all medical, depending on the type of prostatitis.

It can and will help if prostatitis is not of infectious origin.

It will help, this is one of the main procedures for the treatment of prostatitis, especially if it is functional and chronic, which was previously treated with antibiotics and other drugs.

Prostatitis can be treated comprehensively, the husband was prescribed antibiotics to suppress the infection, the beaver stream as a powerful stimulant, a massage course, and later to improve erectile function and blood circulation in the sexual organ, the extender 24 can be used for the same purpose.http://extender24.com, it performs not only a therapeutic function, but is also able to influence penis enlargement, both in volume and in length.

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