Seal wire and bead earrings

Making beautiful wireKitten Earrings with beaded eyes.

Materials and tools:

  1. 2 mm gold beads;
  2. 8 mm blue beads;
  3. silver copper wire 0.8 mm;
  4. gold copper wire 0.5 mm;
  5. aluminum wire 1-1.5 mm;
  6. fastener;
  7. round nose pliers;
  8. nippers;
  9. pliers.

Step 1

Cut a piece of aluminum wire 13 cm long. Bend in the shape of a cat face (see photo). For convenience, you can first draw a sketch.

Step 2

We take 2 blue beads and string them on the ends of aluminum wire - we have eyes.

Cut a piece of silver-colored copper wire, string gold-colored beads on it and align it in the middle. We make a spout: we apply to the face of the cat and wrap the copper wire around aluminum.

Cut off three pieces of gold-colored copper wire 15 mm long.Then each piece is wrapped around the aluminum wire near the spout so that the cat's antennae have turned out.

Step 3

It remains to make the suspension. Cut off a piece of silver-colored copper wire, string it with beads, a bead and beads. We bend one end into a loop around the ear of the cat, and bend the other end into a loop around the earring ring.

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