Wool brooch

Brooch Dog from wool
Who does not like dogs? These curious cute creatures leave few people indifferent. They bribe their simplicity and dedication. Puppy in the house is always a joy. Each owner seeks to perpetuate the image of his pet in a photo or video. However, there are other options, for example, a brooch with the image of a pet. To make a brooch "Dog" from wool in the technique of dry felting we will need:
  • Wool of white and black colors.
  • Clay moment.
  • Plastic eyes.
  • Braid.
  • Brooch clasp.
  • Pencils for oil pastels.
  • Needle for felting of the 40th size.
So, in order to make the head of the puppy, we take the white wool and pile it out oval in the form of a pear. Do not immediately compact the product to a "stone" state, even while it is loose, later you can compact the craft. Try to make the area of ​​the nose and cheeks convex. Next, after some compaction, we begin to make indentations for the eyes. In them we glue the eyes on the glue moment.
 Brooch Doggie of wool
 Doggie brooch
Draw a line of the mouth with the needle in the middle between the cheeks. Do not forget that the cheeks should remain convex evenly on both sides for the product to be voluminous.
 Brooch Doggie of wool
After this, with a piece of black wool, decorate the nose and sponge doggie. Dip a longitudinal strip in the middle of the nose.
 Brooch Doggie of wool
Next, from a cloud of black wool make a speck around the eye. Firmly sit on the face. That's how it happened.
 Brooch Dog of wool
From the bottom of the cheeks, draw the characteristic folds with the needle as in the photo. Deepen the folds along the edge of the cheeks. The chin should not bulge over the cheeks, on the contrary, he seems to look out from under the cheeks.
 Brooch Doggie of wool
 Doggie brooch
For more naturalness, make the upper eyelids above the eyes. They need to be dumped separately on foam rubber, and then they should be laid on the edge of the eye.
 Brooch Dog of wool
Now let's make our spotted friend's ears. They will be white with specks of black wool. First we make ears, and then we put stains on them. Rest down your ears thoroughly.
 Brooch Doggie of wool
 Brooch doggie of wool
Shades on the puppy's face with a brush. Use the oil pastel black and beige. The folds shade black, and the eyelids and center of the ears beige.
 Brooch Dog of wool
Decorate the puppy with a bow-bowl of white and black color.Brooch Dog of wool
Butterfly can be sewn to the dog's chin with thread. Put the knot in the middle of the head from the back side into a place that will be closed with a brooch buckle. Glue the round buckle on the back side with glue
Brooch Little dog made of wool
Work on a doggie brooch made of wool is over!
 Woolen Dog Brooch

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