Worst aircraft neighbors: 13 unforgettable frames

We have selected for you the most vivid frames. Take a look at this “board of shame”: maybe something will seem painfully familiar?

1. Upside down. It's funny, huh? Only if you look at the screen of the gadget, and not from the next chair.

2, 3. And why not get comfortable when there is a beautiful stand in the form of a neighbor's head? Awful no matter how close this person is to you.

4. Even if there is no screen in the back, other people's hair is terribly annoying before your eyes. If their owners knew, commentators advise those who suffer from their appearance, from scissors to glue.

5. Another big nuisance on the plane is “idiots parents.” Those that put the child on the pot right in the aisle:

6. And those that allow the child to do what they please - just not crying and not interfere. For example, indefinitely call a flight attendant. Or "decorate" the salon to your liking:

7, 8. But back to the adults. The plane can be hot. But not to the same extent!

9.Some go to the other extreme: this is what it means to completely abstract from others:

10. By the way, about how we sleep on the plane. Of course, a person cannot keep up with himself in a dream. But unless it is impossible to take care of a decent appearance in advance, no matter what position you take?

11. Yes, the chairs in the economy class are uncomfortable. But to what degree of despair should one reach to stretch out right on the floor?

12. Forgot your sleep mask? This person found the “perfect” replacement:


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