Wrench Organizer

As they say, order should be everywhere. And your husband's tools are also relevant. It is very simple to restore order if you use the organizer for this. I propose to sew their own organizer for wrenches. Now accessories will be ordered thanks to individual pockets. And the bag itself will take a very compact place among the other tools.
Organizer for wrenches

We sew an organizer for wrenches with our own hands

01. For sewing organizer we need a minimum of materials and time. I recommend to use dense wearproof fabrics, such as raincoat fabric or tarpaulin. I sewed from denim. We also need thread to match, scissors, ruler and wrenches themselves.
Wrench Organizer
02. Determine the size of the bag. To do this, put all the keys in a row as they will lie in the finished product.That is, in descending order.
Organizer for Wrench
03. Now with the help of a ruler and chalk mark the width for each pocket. I have the width of the largest pocket about 7 cm. Then, in descending order, each pocket becomes 0.5 cm. 04. Keys can be removed. It remains to cut the pocket along the marked lines.
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